Running 2 Cable Modems

By ptim
Sep 25, 2007
  1. Is it possible to run 2 different cable modems in my house at the same time. I'm having WIFI issues in the back of my house, walls, appliances, etc. So, I was thinking about getting a 2nd modem, will I have go through my local cable company and have them set me up with another account or can I just "plug and play".
  2. k.jacko

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    To answer your question, i believe you would have to have a 2 line.
    But can you not just get an WAP mate? (Wireless Access Point).
    It would need hard wiring to your cable modem, but surely you could position it in a better, more wifi friendly spot near the back of your house.
    Or.... if you were willing to fork out for another cable modem and connection then why not instead spend about £55 on a rings mains network adaptor?
  3. raybay

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    You cannot do much without your local provider's involvement.
    If you read your exisiting contract, it will tell you what you can do... but installing a second modem is usually not one of them. There may even be major penalties for doing this.
    Relocate the exisiting Wireless. Sometimes just a few feet will work. Others may require a move to a top of a closet or a different room of your residence.
    If the cable modem company installed it and it doesn't work, they have an obligation to change it. Some will move it without a fee. Others will charge you a lot.
    Sometimes they will replace the exisiting wireless free.
    A nice conversation by phone with their tech support people is the place to start. They can "see" into your cable modem and computer to determine what problems can be repaired. They do not want you unhappy. Give them a chance to fix it, but carefully ask them about costs.
  4. k.jacko

    k.jacko TS Rookie Posts: 493

    raybay, the OP mentioned walls and appliances inteferring with his wifi signal. Thats the most common side effect and downfall of wifi. Its not something the cable provider can really do anything about, except as you say possibly move it. But he can do that himself, its just coax cabling.
    Oh....sorry, lol, i'm asuming he is in the UK. Of course it may differ in other countries. But moving it to a better place in the house may involve lengthy cabling which defeats the tidyness of wifi. So i still reckon an AP and a mains network adaptor would be worth the while.
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