Russia plans to completely disconnect itself from the internet to see what happens


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Mr. Vova, как ты заебал...
Speaking of Russian troll farms, it'll be interesting to see which accounts go dark and which do not. I'm sure the NSA will be paying attention, since it'll tell them which ones are definitely based inside of Russia and which are not.
From what I know, they exclusively work from Russia. Those like the group caught in Netherlands are not affiliated with troll farm and worked for GRU.


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SO when they have the connection out turned off during the trial how hard would it be to cut our lines to them? Like they go to turn it back on and walla no more internet for Russia, hacking problems 90% solved. In all seriousness I know a few Russian PC guys that game and are already packing there bags, VPN's let them get around most of the bull crap, but this is getting down right scary to them.
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Not clear to me: does this mean the Russians can not access American news? if so it is gross censorship!