Ryzen 1400 or 1600

By Nacho Man
Sep 30, 2017
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  1. I currently have an FX 8350, with a GTX 960 and 16GB of ram, used primarily as a Gaming PC, but I do edit video projects on the side. It is soon going to reach its 4th anniversary, with the 960 reaching its 3rd. I am planning on upgrading the system between now or the end of the year. I do multitask commonly as well, such as rendering a video in the background and playing a light game at the same time.

    The games I most commonly play are Elite: Dangerous and Forza Horizon 3. When I record either of these games, the recording comes out choppy and lower frame rate than in game using x264 or NVENC, but I only record on rare occasions.
    When playing Forza Horizon 3, my GPU usage sits at 99%, but commonly jumps around, down to 40-60%. In Elite Dangerous when around other players, I also notice a semi-significant FPS drop as well. Even though both the CPU and GPU could do with upgrading, as far as I have experienced, the CPU is in need of an upgrade first.

    (For my PSU, I have a Cooler master Thunder 600w)

    So the question is, should I purchase the Ryzen 5 1400 for $219 AUD or the Ryzen 5 1600 for $279?

    (This has also been posted on Tom's Hardware Forums)
  2. NumberCruncher

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    1600 no question. Much more powerful CPU
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  3. Nacho Man

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