Samsung to pull the plug on ChatOn next year, but not in the US

  1. Just a few weeks after denying reports that it was planning to shut down its ChatON service on a "region-to-region" basis, Samsung has announced that it will discontinue the messaging service in all countries, except for the US.

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  2. Skidmarksdeluxe

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    I recently plucked up the courage to root my still under warranty S4 for the sole purpose of getting rid of Samsungs and carriers crapware permanently and in the process reclaimed a lot of wasted storage space. I paid for that storage space and see no reason why I shouldn't be allowed to use it as I want. Just being able to disable and hide garbage apps is not a solution, they're still there just taking up space.
    ChatOn was just one of the many apps that got the chop, I won't have to see that again thank heavens.
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