Samsung's messaging service ChatOn never appeared to have latched on to the general public, but according to a post from the company, the service is actually doing quite well.

The company claims ChatOn has gathered a "global subscriber base" of around 100 million users over the course of two years. The service initially launched back in 2011 garnering over 50 million users by May of this year, and then doubling up in just 4 short months, according to Samsung. By comparison, popular messaging app WhatsApp has 300 million monthly subscribers.

The app's reach is attributed to its availability on a wide range of platforms including the browser, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Bada. Supported in 63 different languages, the Korean company said that ChatOn has seen major growth in the US, China and India, where Samsung currently supports 10 regional dialects.

Some are skeptical of the numbers as Samsung is yet to mention whether or not we are talking about actual active users, or just those that registered because the app came pre installed. The company points out that ChatOn comes with most major Galaxy devices including the S III, GALAXY Note II, GALAXY S 4, GALAXY Note 3, GALAXY Gear, and GALAXY Camera.

Some of ChatOn's features include multi screen support that also allows you to sign-in on up to 5 different devices with a single Samsung account ID as well as media drag and drop functionality and handwriting support with the S-Pen.