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Samsung wants you to ditch your laptop in favor of its new Galaxy Tab S4

By Polycount · 21 replies
Aug 1, 2018
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  1. Ahead of its upcoming Galaxy Note 9 event in Brooklyn, New York, Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Tab S4. The Tab S4 is a 10.5-inch tablet with a crisp 2560x1600p display, sleek bezels, and a distinct lack of a physical home button.

    However, if you thought this was merely going to be another ordinary Android tablet, think again. Alongside the standard mobile-like Android experience, Samsung's Tab S4 also offers "Dex," which can effectively transform the tablet into a touchscreen laptop.

    To be clear, the device still runs Android in Dex mode. However, users are able to drag, minimize, resize, and close app windows, or access a desktop-like taskbar towards the bottom of the screen.

    For an even more laptop-like experience, you can attach a keyboard to the Tab S4, though it will be sold separately.

    The desktop-like interface looks pretty solid based on the images we've seen so far. Dex's primary goal seems to be making multitasking more natural than ever - Samsung claims the mode can handle up to 20 open windows at once. Furthermore, Dex also features the split-screen option you'd typically see in a Windows machine.

    It should be noted that the apps you run via Dex are still Android apps, and as such, they won't all be optimized for desktop viewing. It will be possible to use them all in Dex, of course, but how pleasant your experience will be is another story.

    From a hardware perspective, the Tab S4 boasts 4GB of memory, 64GB of storage, a speedy Snapdragon 835 mobile processor, and a 13-megapixel rear camera. The device also ships with its own stylus and a 7,300mAh battery, which can reportedly run the device for around 16 hours of video playback.

    If the Galaxy Tab S4 sounds like your cup of tea, you'll have to wait a bit longer to take it for a test drive. The device launches on August 10 at $649, but pre-orders don't seem to be available for the time being.

    Image courtesy Ars Technica

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  2. GeforcerFX

    GeforcerFX TS Evangelist Posts: 849   +352

    Compared to the iPad pro line I like Samsung's pro tab line, but would rather have a surface pro over either. But at least Samsung has been realistic with it's pricing on there tablets, $650 and includes the keyboard and stylus.
  3. Sausagemeat

    Sausagemeat TS Maniac Posts: 409   +202

    Replacing a windows laptop requires being able to run windows software. Being able to drag and resize windows doesn’t mean much without that.
    Deevo324, dms96960 and JaredTheDragon like this.

    IAMTHESTIG TS Evangelist Posts: 1,685   +776

    Still a no-go for real work... need a desktop OS for that. Kinda nice for basic work and media consumption though.
    dms96960 and Teko03 like this.
  5. trparky

    trparky TS Evangelist Posts: 483   +356

    Desktops, as we know them today, is a dying platform. Windows is dying, Microsoft knows this.
  6. ForgottenLegion

    ForgottenLegion TS Guru Posts: 365   +367

    Good luck trying to get an form of work done on an Android device let alone an iOS one. You'll end up tearing your own brain out like something out of Robocop 2.

    While you've got office suites on mobile platforms you can't beat a good mouse, keyboard and big screen to get a job done.

    Android/iOS is good for quickly checking email, a Web page or two and media consumption but for anything more you want a serious OS.
    Deevo324, dms96960 and Godel like this.
  7. Kibaruk

    Kibaruk TechSpot Paladin Posts: 3,758   +1,149

    I believe this one is aimed towards the Surface Go and iPads, it's crazy.

    I recently bought a brand new 15" laptop with an i5 8200u, 8gb of memory and 1tb of hdd for my SO. I would never spend this much money in an Android tablet.
  8. Teko03

    Teko03 TS Evangelist Posts: 568   +297

    I seriously feel like I just watched a Surface Pro launch event --- Get more done, get things done, more productive, immersive experience, stunning display, keyboard cover...heck they even demoed a Skype voice call & Excel.

    Microsoft & Panos Panay approves I'm sure.
  9. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al TS Evangelist Posts: 5,150   +3,574

    1. Dump the Google garbage that the current TAB's require.
    2. Make replacement stylus plentiful and reasonably priced.
    3. Make it EASILY connectable to your Android phone.
    4. Make it in more than one size ... some of us have terrible eyesight!

    Just my thoughts ......
    dms96960 likes this.
  10. Nobina

    Nobina TS Evangelist Posts: 1,843   +1,351

    Mobile OS are made for media consumption and they are not good at getting work done as they lack options, apps and multitasking. Same goes with touchscreen. If you wanna do some work you gotta have a keyboard, a mouse, programs with a lot of features, depending on what you do, not some lite version of it made for touchscreen and ofcourse preferably Windows cause it has the best program support. That's why no tablet with Android or iOS can replace a PC.
  11. trparky

    trparky TS Evangelist Posts: 483   +356

    But who's to say that Android won't be adapted to be a desktop OS? You can already attach a Bluetooth keyboard to both Android and iOS devices, it's only a matter of time until both platforms can use a mouse as well; and when that happens... oh yeah, it's a desktop.

    Yes, apps are limited right now but that's only because of the hardware upon which it's being run on. Who's to say that both Android and iOS won't be adapted to serve as more of a desktop OS with full desktop-like experiences when they're not limited to mobile hardware.

    A lot of you are thinking about the here and now, I'm looking five or ten years down the road and down that road I see the end of what we know as a desktop OS. It's going to change and with those changes will be what we refer to as desktop operating systems.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2018
  12. Danny101

    Danny101 TS Guru Posts: 714   +270

    They would have been much better off with Linux with an Android tablet mode. Much like the maligned Windows 8, except for a Linux/Android combo, it would be fine and a winner.
  13. Sausagemeat

    Sausagemeat TS Maniac Posts: 409   +202

    Well right here and right now an Android tablet doesn’t run the software I need to do my job. And I’m not going to buy one in the hope support will be added. Which considering much of it has only recently received Windows 10 support wont happen anytime soon.
  14. benstevens

    benstevens TS Rookie

    I agree
    Sausagemeat likes this.

    IAMTHESTIG TS Evangelist Posts: 1,685   +776

    Right now and in the past, when you blur the lines between mobile and desktop OS it bloats the mobile OS and makes it slow, clumsy, and overly complicated.

    But generally I do agree that as mobile hardware keeps getting faster and faster I do think we'll eventually end up with one OS for all platforms just with different UI modes. Windows tried to do that but failed, trying to make a mobile OS in an already flooded market. They will keep trying though... Google is testing out the waters here but they still have a long way to go to make a fully capable desktop-level OS to compete with Windows. Apple, well they haven't even tried at all; keeping their desktop and mobile OS's completely separate and refusing to blur the lines. I personally think they will have to expand the capability of iOS and will need to just dump MacOS as it is pretty much a lost cause at this point.
  16. GregonMaui

    GregonMaui TS Booster Posts: 106   +32

    you define real work as database, programming, and what? Does that mean you are denigrating others whose real work does not include these? yah pretty much. e.g. Real-estate agents showing houses do real work, a tablet with let connectivity is far superior to a laptop to show clients listings.
  17. funglebuddy

    funglebuddy TS Enthusiast Posts: 67   +18

    For me ill always prefer an iPad Pro. Im very invested in the ecosystem and dislike rebuying things. I keep holding out hope apple will add expandible memory on an ipad pro and put a version of OSX on it but I know it will never happen.
  18. Polycount

    Polycount TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 1,643   +371

    It all depends on how popular this sort of tech is. If a lot of people like the Tab S4 and it picks up steam, it may prompt Apple to follow suit with their own alternative (undoubtedly one that's more "brave" or whatever their latest buzzword is).
  19. Ultraman1966

    Ultraman1966 TS Booster Posts: 119   +25

    They want us to embrace it as a major workhorse but they put yesteryear's chipset into it...why if it is supposed to compete with the Pro which runs circles around non Apple chipsets still?
  20. Deevo324

    Deevo324 TS Rookie Posts: 17   +7

    Surely this device would make more sense if it was a Chromebook? Why on earth does Samsung persist in trying to bring out operating systems that have pretty much zero chance of success? This will end up being yet another orphan device from them.
  21. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,842   +193

    No it isn't dying... Windows 10 still ahead of the game. I don't use tablets like I use too I do have iPad 5th Gen 2017 but I don't use it. I am on Windows 10 98.9% the other 2% Android Oreo 8 and Apple iOS 11.x. Tablets have to be powerful under Windows 10 to run the same apps like their netbook, laptop and desktop.
  22. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,842   +193

    As for this tablet here they never shown in the video what happens if you drop it. It looks impressive and what they can do under their overlay UI/UX on top of Android OS. Where is their Samsung Bixby AI not even mentioned in this video. That tablet should have at lease 8 GB of RAM storage up to 2TB my Moto Z2 Force has up to 2TB . They same 400GB max storage. I am waiting for next tech for all devices to be tablets based on transparent translucent acrylic suppose to be in 2020, at this rate 2030. I want something stronger that won't crack.

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