Sandisk Cruzer U3 Micro 4GB eject problems... Please help

By w3tw1lly
Aug 12, 2007
  1. This is really starting to annoy me. No matter what, this thing will not eject. It was working fine earlier today and just stopped ejecting properly. Even when using the LaunchPad ejection method, it still does not work. The drives show up in my computer even after hitting eject but they say not accesible. I have tried using unlocker, but it says nothing is locking the drives. So as you can guess I just unplug it, but whenever I try plugging it back in, the LED flashes for a second but goes out (as if it were disabled). This means I require a reboot. Forget rebooting normally, after an ejection ordeal, my computer hangs on shutdown/restart... So I have to use the reset button on my computer. After that I can plug in the drive and it works fine untill you want to eject... Please help.
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    Wrong forum...
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