Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 1GB

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Jul 10, 2012
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  1. I am having issues installing a new gpu on my new desktop...less than a week of course it is a windows 7...I did follow all the steps and when I install the new card nothing happens...zilch-oh...nada..nothing but fan noise and I mean loud too...think hair dryer.....put the old card (hd 7570) back in and its up and running in no time flat...I got this desktop for that very purpose to upgrade the gpu and it is rather frustrating to not be able to use the thing. I have the six core AMD FX-6120 3.6GHz and the mobo only has one pci-e slot so no crossfire there but should not the new card atleast start and give me a display so I can work with it further or could it be my 460w psu won't push it? I have seen on other forums think it was Tomshardware that people had connected it up to even a 300w and had no problems but AMD advised me that the 460 was underpowered and that I had to connect both 6 pin connectors on the side of the new card. I only have one extra 6 pin anyway....whereas I saw nothing of that nature in the manual it just says plug it in your slot and make sure it is tight... hook up the display and fire that bad boy present I am dead in the water without being able to do anything with the new it a bad card? underpowered? (which I find a little hard to believe) and yes my HDMI cable is good as the old card works like a champ.any ideas out there on what may cause this thing to act like this???
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    Get an adapter and plug in the other 6 pin connector. It really doesn't matter what you read or didn't read. If the card has two connectors, both should be plugged in. All 460W power supplies are not created equal. Sometimes an indicator that a power supply is not designed to power such a card is the lack of one of the PCI-E plugs. Your 460W PSU could work but only if you power both connectors on the card.
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    Thanks for the reply and I was wondering about the two 6 pin deals it is not covered in the manual.. I have looked high and low nothing about making sure you make both connetions...that being said in my case this psu only has one extra 6 pin and I did get two molex adapters with the card but it looks as though I have no place coming out of the psu to connect to them so what it looks like is I am in the market for another psu and one with atleast two 6 pin connectors. Now that being said also got any recommendations?
  4. mailpup

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    There are a lot of good PSUs you can get. Here are some: Newegg examples.
  5. nissanman

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    You have to plug both 6 pin power connections in for the card to work. One will not do. It is much better to get a new, decent quality PSU than to use those molex to 6pin adapters. That power supply is great. Corsair makes some of the best PSUs on the market. I can not recommend them enough.
  6. dmill89

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    Not a bad unit but I would recommend this instead right now:
    PC Power and Cooling Silencer MK III 600W = $90 $56.50 after rebate and promo code, built by SeaSonic.

    Also Corsair PSUs are not all what they used to be. The higher end ones like the one you listed are still good but they low end ones, specifically the builder series are of only mediocre quality (Low end CWT platform, less than stellar caps {CapXon}, and are known to have issues with coil whine). Early Corsairs were all SeaSonic built which is what earned them their reputation, then they went with some of the higher end CWT platforms which were still decent though not as good as the SeaSonics, now they use low end CWT platforms for entry level models that while not the worst are far from the best. Also remember Corsair does not make PSUs they buy them from other companies (mostly SeaSonic and CWT) and re-brand them so you can sometimes find the same PSUs for less $$ with another brand name/logo on them.

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