Build a PC SATA controller PCI card

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hello out there

just wanted to ask a few things about installing a sata pci card

i was thinking of using sata harddisk and my p4vmm2 is 5 years old i think...

no problems with the ecs board just wanted to improve my drives

so what do i need except for the pci sata card ??

can i boot from the sata drive?

i was thinking of ghosting my ide drives to the sata drive..

any suggestions is very much welcome



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Well, getting a sata controller is not a problem. It will usually have its own BIOS that will load when it is plugged in. Just make sure that if you do have any IDE drives plugged in while using the sata controller, turn them off as direct boot devices in the regular bios. This way the sata pci card will pick the new drives. Also make sure that when you install windows to the sata drive, have a floppy disk with the SATA controller drivers on it, and tell windows setup that you want to install additional drivers.
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tnx gavin

but i plan on doin this...

install the controller driver to the ide drive den ghost my existing ide drive to the sata drive.

will i have problems?

i dont wanna have to fresh install xp on the new sata just wanted to migrated everything to the sata..

so ill install the drivers for the pci sata card to the old ide drive
and ghost the ide to the sata drive.

will i have problems?

tnx for the quick reply !!
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what brands do i search for that have bootrom?

or they dont have any ?

havent looked around my bios to check the boot from pci yet...

p4vmm2...can this boot from a pci controller?

and is it possible to install the pci sata controller to the ide harddisk den ghost everything to the sata hard disk... will this work?

i dont wanna reenstall xp on the sata... lots of thing to do....



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A lot of PCI SATA controllers (particularly the cheap ones) don't have a boot ROM. Be very careful and make sure to ask the question before you buy one.
Help!! I have a computer running XP professional on a Gigabyte P4 Titan 667 Series GA-8INXP. I is presently running on an IDE hard disk. I am attempting to add a SATA 750 G disk leaving the IDE in place as the system drive.

I have gone through the BIOS and set everything to where I think it belongs to recognize the new drive. When I apply the power (power supply has a SATA connector) and the data cable to SATA (0) on the mother board and attempt to boot it does not complete the process. As the boot takes place during POST it comes to the IDE drive and does the testing on it. Farther down the boot process it comes to the SATA drive but never completes the boot process. It just stops the process and sits on the line with the SATA drive (at least that is what I think it is) with the little non rotating bar that was evident when it went through the process on the IDE drive.

Can anyone give me a clue how to get the mother board to recognize the additional disk.
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