SATA Drive Not Recognized

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Dec 29, 2005
  1. raza_arshad

    raza_arshad TS Rookie

    I hope it's OK to post my problem in an old thread.

    I'm running Athlon 64 2800+ with MSI K8M Neo-V with Maxtor 80GB IDE and LG DVD RW on the same IDE cable. The board has 2 IDE ports and 2 SATA ports. The board has a VT8237 Southbridge.

    I got a 160GB WD Caviar SATA (WD1600AABS) drive and tried connecting it to the board. SATA is enabled in the bios. On booting windows does detect a new hardware. After installing the driver provided on the motherboard CD, all i could see in the device manager was "VIA SATA Raid Controller" with a yellow exclamation mark. I downloaded and installed the updated driver and various other driver for the 8237 chipset and the error in the device manager changed to "VIA Raid Controller-3149".

    Since the drive is not functioning, it does not show in My Computer. The drive is already formatted, has 4 partitions and has data on it as well. It works fine on other/newer machines.
  2. raza_arshad

    raza_arshad TS Rookie

    Got the hard disk to work.

    i jumped pin 5-6 to reduce the data rate to 150 Mbps and all the problems vanished. :)
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