Sata dvdrw crashes computer

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Feb 5, 2008
  1. Hi, i need a little help. I am not an expert but do have a reasonable idea of computers. I recently purchased samsung dvdrw with sata connection. I had two dvd drives that had ide connection. Disconnected one of the dvd drives, it was faulty and hooked up th e new one. so now there is two drives, one ide and one sata. Booted up computer and it crashes.

    So i changed the jumpers on the ide drive as it was the slave(the one i had removed had been the master) and made it the primary master. The harddrive is secondary master. The new dvd rw is connected to the sata 1 connection, making it the 3rd master or something like that. Still crashing and not even picking up the sata ODD. I changed the sata connection to the 2nd sata slot still the same. I went into the bios and changed the sata settings from raid to ide and turned on computer. Now it picks up the new odd but still crashes. In the bios i now have, ide primary master original dvd ide secondary master harddrive ide 3rd master new dvd.

    Im right to say that harddrive and dvd drives cant be slaves of each other and neither can ide and sata connected devices?

    i have played with the boot priority and order so that the comp only boots from original dvd and harddrive. still crashing. The only thing i can do at the moment to stop the blue screen of death is to unplug the new dvd.

    Motherboard is asus ave8-e se and running amd 3500+ athlon with windows xp. Anyway whenever the sata dvd is plugged in after booting for a short while i get blue screen of death saying
    bad_pool_header and stop:0x00000019 followed by a few other long numbers in brackets.

    surely i must be able to add a sata dvdrw to my system. im probably missing something simple.

    any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. kimsland

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    You know it's hard to read all that, and after reading it twice, I thought I'd just post the correct sequence.

    IDE 0
    Master=ATA HDD
    Slave=ATA DVD

    (Note selecting CS is acceptable, and possible preferred)

    IDE 1
    Master=ATA HDD (well CS ! as above)

    DVD (Possibly Faulty)

    Now this Sata DVD (new)
    Obviously CMOS has PSata setup correctly, showing ATA/Sata Enabled

    I'm also concerned that you may have a incompatible Sata Drive (with everything else) But to confirm this, you may need to plug the Sata DVD in by itself (just to test it works and boots (say a BootCd)

    Also, totally unrelated, make sure you put your C drive PageFile to nothing and your D drive (or what ever the other HDD is) to ~1000 Min and Max, in Windows
  3. Samstoned

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    take the word master out for the sata drive sata does not use master /slave config
    it could be a jumper on the new optical drive
    it could be not enough power from PSU
    it could be a bios misconfig
    it could be just plain bad optical drive
    I would look for bios upgrade
    I would check the cables for bad cable
    I would remove all other optical drives maybe even the main HDD ide
    not in any order of execution
  4. kimsland

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    But you knew what I meant, but I agree it is on its own.
  5. mailpup

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    Unless I missed it, I didn't see where you installed any SATA/RAID controller drivers. Previously, you only had IDE drives, I think. If you haven't yet, go to the motherboard manufacturer's website and download the appropriate drivers and install them, THEN connect the SATA optical drive. See if that fixes it.
  6. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    you would think the stupid OS would see the dvd and ask for new hardware drivers
    since the OS does not need them for boot
    but I missed that call good one:wave:
  7. gravity121

    gravity121 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    OK, Thanks for replys, i know i made things confusing so i will try to sort stuff out now.

    There is only one hard drive and its an ide connection
    there was 2 odds both ide connection, one master one slave.
    I Have replace one of the odds with a new one but that has a sata connection
    so i still only have one hard drive and 2 odds so im assuming its not a power issue.

    When i boot up with the new sata odd connected i get the blue screen of death and comp crashes.

    If i jump into the settings before that this is what it reads.

    primary ide master: old dvd
    primary ide slave: was the discarded dvd now none

    secondary ide master : harddrive
    secondary ide slave: none

    if the sata odd is connected then it says

    primary sata master: new dvd
    primary sata slave: none

    this may sound crazy but its what it says. And after exiting the settings and booting up it will crash if the sata odd is still connected.

    Onchip sata: enabled
    Sata mode: options here are raid and ide
    when raid is selected the new odd is not picked up by the system
    when ide is selected then it is picked up by the system and as above i get the primary sata master: new dvd
    primary sata slave: none
    Please note that the computer will still crash as it boots up regardless of the mode selected. It crashes after the windows xp screen is displayed with the bar timer at the bottom.

    so far i have

    reinstalled SATA/Raid drives and i have updated the bios
    and played with as many bios configs as i can think of.
    still crashes

    next up i will change the sata cable to see if that works then try boot from the new odd with cd.

    if none of that works, im lost. Surely its possible to have an ide hdd, ide odd and sata odd? Maybe its not?

  8. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    It is possible to get hardware conflicts, and not every hardware item has been tested fully with another (as they are designed new all the time)

    Ideally your computer, equipt with Sata, should have:

    Sata1= Sata Hdd
    Sata2= Sata DVD

    And that's all

    Others may say that having Sata3=Hdd, is also good, but the computer (without Raid) just requires 1 Harddrive and 1 DVD for smooth operation. Anything else is just backup.
  9. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    I have no ide is my main machine
    I have as boot 1 sata HDD channel 1
    1 sata OPD dvd channel 2 and 8 scsi's drives on onboard controller
    my other machine with sata compatibility
    has 1 sata as boot 1 ide dvd drive master
    1 ide hdd slave
    so i don't know why yer machine is bluing on you
    only can guess the OPD is doing it
    have you tried a test
    download a boot of bartPE
    remove the HDD's install disc and boot from the OPD
    if it does chances are nothing wrong with the dvd OPD
    look for a jumper on drive could be a jumper issue
    your system should be
    primary ide master: Hard drive
    primary ide slave: was the discarded dvd now none

    secondary ide master : DVD
    secondary ide slave: none

    primary sata master: new dvd
    primary sata slave: none
    and then go to boot priority and make sure the sata is not there or the last item
    one more item
    you only have 2 sata channels right if you have 4 then your using the wrong sets for non raid
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