SATA Hard Disk problem

By pandolf
Mar 12, 2005
  1. I've had some problems installing a new SATA HDD to my computer.
    Actually i've 2 Maxtor 80 GB ATA133 on the primary ATA channel, and CD-ROM / DVD on the secondary ATA channel.
    My motherboard is quite old, and doesn't have a built-in SATA controller. I've bought a PCI SATA controller with Silicon Image 3112 chipset, and a Maxtor 200 GB SATA HDD (6B200M0).
    I've installed the controller and the HDD, but the system freezes just after displaying the SATA controller information ("press ctrl+s to enter RAID setup utility"). After that, i see black screen with 4 characters on the top left corner, ant the HDD led always on.
    The only way to let it work properly is to unmount one of the two ATA HDD (the only one I can remove, because the other one is the boot HDD). If I do that, everything goes well, and winXP recognizes the controller and the HDD (189 GB).
    What should I do to let it work with all the three HDD?
    All answers will be appreciated! Thanks!!

    My computer:
    Intel P4 2.4 GHz
    Motherboard Asus P4PE rev 1.03 (bios 1007 - the last one)
    RAM 1 GB DDR333
    Video: Matrox Parhelia 128 MB AGP
    HDD: 2 x Maxtor 80 GB ATA133 (6Y080L0) on the primary ATA channel
    DVD+-RW Pioneer (master on the secondary ATA channel)
    DVD Asus (slave on the secondary ATA channel)
    SATA PCI Controller Sunix SATA2000 with Silicon Image 3112 chipset
    Win XP Pro SP2
  2. Tedster

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    SATA and IDE combinations often don't work very well. I had it and had to choose one or the other with my MSI Motherboard. SATA usually wants to default as the primary drive, and you can get conflicts within Windows. I suggest either SATA or IDE only.
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