SATA help!

By rmaxtpmx
Aug 12, 2005
  1. ok, i just got a wd740. this is my first experience with sata, and am havin trouble installin windows xp home. my asus a7v880 board reads the drive, but the windows setup does not. just says there is no storage device connected. also, when i'm runnin my current hd (maxtor diamondmax plus 9), no other hd will read in windows. i've tried transferin some music to an older hd, and it wouldn't read the older drive. i thought the drive was shot or somethin, but now i got the same problem with the brand new wd740. please throw me some help.
  2. shaggy4284

    shaggy4284 TS Rookie

    u need to install the driver for the sata controller on ur mb. when u start the installation of win xp, press F6 and it will ask u to insert the driver disk. if u dont have one then u have to find the drivers on the asus drivers cd.
  3. rmaxtpmx

    rmaxtpmx TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i already tried that, and it didn't do anything. i dunno if i didn't get the right driver, but if that's definatly the problem, i'll search for better drivers. til then, any other ideas? thanks alot for the reply.
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