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Sata problem can somebody help

By Tarmo
Apr 20, 2005
  1. I have a MSI 915 GM-FR mainboard and the broblem is that my sata drive is sohwn in windows
    as ultra ata 100 udma5 mode and not even a word about sata-150 the drive is seagte 160Gb serial ata
    and this drive seem to be slower then my mxtor 80Gb ata 100 drive I tryed change bios settings
    nothing helps I have the latest bios for this mainboard however strange thing happend when sata is in Enhanced mode
    (PATA and Sata will both be enabled.)and I try to detect my dirve in bios it just hangs. so meybe someone can help me here and I am a mebmber in msi forum to so no point to recomend the msi forum.
    Thanks to everyone
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