SATA users alert! head crashes a-plenty!

By jobeard
Nov 6, 2007
  1. Computer World is reporting:
    "The read/write heads are detaching from the arm and plowing deep gouges into the magnetic platter," explained Retrodata Managing Director Duncan Clarke. "The damage is mostly on the inner tracks, but some scratches are on the outer track -- Track 0 -- and once that happens, the drive is normally beyond repair."

    The problem is found on the Seagate 2.5-in. SATA drives that are made in China and are loaded with firmware Version 7.01. Model numbers affected include ST96812AS and ST98823AS.​

    The article is specific to Apple Macbook users, but then Segate drives are so
    common, you better check yours just to be sure your data doesn't end up
    in the vapor-land of inaccessibility!

    see this article for details
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