Scientists now claim humans yawn to cool down the brain

Shawn Knight

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Yawning - it's something that happens on a semi-regular basis for most and is typically associated with being tired. The act was commonly thought to draw more oxygen into the lungs to make you feel less tired but new research...

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Damn, I need a new heatsink to cool down my brains before the zombies notice my over-heating brains.


1. I think a LOT. 2. The Video was not exciting. 3. I do not have Autism, ADD, etc.
4. I Program Computers and do Tech Support, sometimes 18 hours a day (I try to avoid that when I can).

I guess the yawn-o-meter needs to go up to 100 for some of us. I do yawn from time to time


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Mmmm... this is odd, I've never yawned when I'm head on something, that explains a lot :p

Couldn't watch the video from the company computer *yawn*


After watch the video, now I think I can make use of my unused Corsair H80 again.. :D


If you want to break the world record or become smarter than Einstein, then use LN2 when you overclocking your brain :D