screen doesnt turn on! HELP...GA-K8NF-9

By mixmstrk
Jul 30, 2005
  1. i recently built a new system using the GA-K8NF-9 mobo. When i turn it on, all the fans spin, hard disks power up, but the screen doesn't turn on. I tried 2 different sticks of RAM, no luck. I checked if CPU is firmly in place, i tried 3 different video cards(radeon 9200se, geforce FX400, and an old PCI video card)...Somebody PLEASE help!!! puke:
  2. mixmstrk

    mixmstrk TS Rookie Topic Starter

    HELP me please!
  3. angdao

    angdao TS Rookie

    hi there, im just wondering if u are aware that ur motherboard is a PCIe graphic card motherboard?

    in anycase, can u be sure that the monitor is 100 percent ok?

    im also a k8nf-9 board.
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