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Mar 18, 2008
  1. I had purchased SD 2GB from Kingston and was using it in my new Kodak. But now I want to use it in the wife car stereo excepts SD up to 2GB so now she would have 400 mp3 or almost double that for wma songs to play. I go to transfer the songs to the SD 2GB and Bam! It stops at 400MB and still there is 1.51GB to go! Max size is 1.91GB

    I've tried everything I could think of to see what's causing the problem. In the digital camera it read 1,770 photos could be taken using 8.3MP. So something was wrong then. The FAT is FAT16. So I had used XP to format it to FAT16 again and see if that would solve the problem.


    Now what? I decided to go to the SD site and download the SDFormatter that has a wipe out feature, it takes time to run but when it's done you can say that SD is 100% clean. The program can also remove any Flash into too. But you need a drive that supports that feature. It also can format to the correct size.

    Now I had thought doing this would solve the problem, but I was able to get some more file son but not all.. So I decided to re-format the SD using FAT32 and sure enough everything transfered over like it should.
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    So everything is cool with FAT32?
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    Yes FAT32, size is the same 1.91GB as it was with FAT16 but you need to use the Panasonic SDFormatter V2.0 which is free off the SD to fix the size problem other wise you end up with 1.89GB if you use with XP to format it without using the wipe clean 100% mode on the software from Panasonic..

    Site. Also grab the manual if you like to read them. I just did, but never bother to look. Yes I am still adding music too it.. Have about 351MB left to go.. But that's good enough she has not almost 400 songs and I can get close to 500 songs on SD2GB. Here all-in-one car stereo also uses USB Zip drives, USB HDDs also.. But for now I like the easy to insert SD cards and it will also display the song being played in text which is neat!

    These are my settings: Note: This program below will still format your SD to FAT16, you need to use XP format to FAT32.

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    Ran test last night in the car stereo that uses SD/USB and it worked! Told me their was 347 songs total in MP3 I should be able to get another 150 songs to max out the SD.. So indexing worked. I had SD 4GB but it wasn't supported in the card. So that is my Kodak now so I can take 3,580 8.3MP digital pictures.
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    Had some issues again with the same Kingston SD 2GB card. Indexing wasn't working and their was not song, title or artist to be displayed on the wife car radio. What a heck of time with this SD 2GB. Sandisk I don't have problems with. Anyway found this program on Trancend


    If fixes 2GB and 4GB cluster size, but it helps but for some strange reason when I transfer about 346 songs it stops at 117 songs. I get errors say there isn't anymore space on FAT16 16K

    So this is what I did to solve this mess again but different than last time.

    In a dos prompt window under XP Pro:

    C:\>format F: /fs:FAT32 /v:MP3 /q /a:16K

    Format F: (SD 2GB) FAT 32 16K Quick Volume: MP3 If you do this under XP it uses 32K to format and that just won't work right.

    Problem is gone indexing showing 346 songs, artist, song, title are back in the car radio now..
    F:>\ format
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