Seagate: Hard drive supplies could be affected through late 2012


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Well I've now ordered the SSD, I really would like to order a Velociraptor but the price went from £130 to £180 :(


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and why wouldn't they claim end of 2012.. perfect way to artificially induce a 'supply' issue and up the profit margins across the board.


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@ Ranger1st - exactly what I wanted to say. What is likely a 2 to 4 week supply set back has become a years "shortage of supply" issue. I rate these hard drive manufacturers are using this as an excuse to squeeze some extra juice outta us poor consumers.
This is probably going to mean pricier SSD's as well :( And I was hoping to pick one up by Christmas time :( (Vertex 3)


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Well I've now ordered the SSD, I really would like to order a Velociraptor but the price went from £130 to £180 :(

That's not too bad. I went to order another Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB to stripe with my existing F3 and found the price is now £103.32. Less than four months ago I paid £38 for the very same disk, from the same place.

I also fancied a couple more 2TB Spinpoint F4's to add a bit of security to my current backup RAID. Since grabbing my last two a few months ago at £53 a pop they're now £133.44. OUCH! :haha:

Rather gutted really, was hoping to grab a few more before I build my new SB-E system. :( I don't see to have noticed any real increase to SSD prices though, so will grab a couple of 90/120GB Vertex 3's (or whatever at the time) to run in RAID for my new setup instead.


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I was able to grab a pair of 2 TB Caviar Black HDDs just before the prices started rising. Whether the HDD supply is being artificially manipulated or not, I'm not in a position to comment but the PC retailers in my area are definitely feeling the pinch especially since they sell a lot of complete OEM PCs to their corporate clients.


I was planning on upgrading the 6 drives in my NAS but was waiting for the 3Tb drives to drop in price once the 4Tb drives were in circulation. Now I have to extend my wait :-(

I also heard at CES 2012 next week two companies will announce 5Tb drives however I am sure availability will be close to zero and the price will be astronomical.

I hope the manufactures don't use this as a way just to make more money and will be able to sort out the supply issue quickly and bring the price back down to previous levels in the next couple of months.