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If there’s one element that shows just how far computer game graphics have advanced in recent years, it’s the characters’ hair. Those of certain age may recall a time when this part of the human body was represented by nothing more complex than a square block. Today, studios hire character artists who specialize in recreating beautiful, flowing locks within games.

As reported by Kotaku’s Luke Plunkett, one of these talented individuals is Johan Lithvall from Swedish development studio and publisher Starbreeze Studios. He worked with developer Guerrilla Games on the recent PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn, which, in addition to being one of the best reasons to buy a PS4, has some of the most incredible hair ever seen on digital characters.

Lithvall, along with a number of other people, was behind the stunningly realistic, thick red hair sported by Horizon protagonist Aloy. He also worked on the equally impressive locks (and beards) seen on many other Zero Dawn characters.

You can see more of Lithvall’s work on his personal site, where he explains how he and his colleagues had to overcome technical difficulties in order to implement their own version of AMD’s TressFX hair physics system on the PS4, which had only been used on high-end PC games before Horizon.

As someone who shares the same hairstyle as Jeff Bezos, I can only look on in envy at the quality of the hair Lithvall designs. Check out some more of his creations from Horizon Zero Dawn below.

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Is this girl by any chance single?


Yeah I know, I'm a dirty old man. So what?

(Although, if this is the same redhead, she's way better looking in profile and as a blonde).
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One has to wonder, since this is a video game, do these girls get all gussied up like that to go into battle? Or do they sit around the campfire braiding each other's hair, while the men go off to slaughter one another?


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I have this game and am very impressed with all aspects of it. The behaviour and look of all characters in the game are just amazing and I just love visiting the game world but wouldn't like to live there are to violent lol.