Server access problems and dc13 reports

By alba1314
Aug 3, 2008
  1. I have been recently experiencing problems connecting my PC to various websites and programs and am getting a message saying that I cannot delete dc13 file from my recycle bin - although all other files can be deleted. The thing is, I cannot see a dc13 file in the bin?! The PC is running slow too...

    I have run S&D and it showed a tracking cookie and also infection that I have allowed S&D to remove. I am currently running Ad-Aware 2008 to see if this identifies anything else untowards that I need to attend to?

    I have run a HJT scan and attach the log file for some kind person to look over and let me know if there is a problem?

    Can anyone please advise on what else I should do to get my system back to normal??

    I really would appreciate some help or advice.

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    Re Server access problems and dc13 reports

    Thanks for the link, Raybay, but I had already turned off the System Restore points prior to running my HJT scan and S&D. I have had SysRes disabled for a while, as I am aware that it can provide a 'harbour' for nasties to lurk in when scans are run and problems are reported as having been resolved, but are still "protected" in the SysRes 'harbour'.

    If anyone could advise me from the contents of my HJT log read-out, I would very much appreciate it.
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