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Setting up xbox 360s with ICS

By dblkickflip720
Jan 12, 2010
  1. Let me explain my situation. I have verizon fios, which comes with an actiontec router. I connect my laptop wirelessly to the router, and use ics to connect 1 xbox 360 to it. But now, I got another 360, so im trying to connect my laptop to the wireless router, use ics to connect my laptop's lan port to another router, and then connect the 2 360s to the lan ports of that router. Im not entirely sure how to assign all the ip addresses, but i will list the ones that i have so far:

    The wireless router:
    My laptops wireless adapter:
    My laptops lan adapter:

    I set the lan router to, is that correct? And i set it to have dhcp with the range of - Now can i just connect my laptop's ethernet port to the internet port of the lan router, and then connect the 360's to it with dhcp enabled?

    Any help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks
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