Settings changed. Virus?

By karltin
Sep 1, 2008
  1. Hi.
    Been having problems with my PC since weekend.

    • Browser settings changed on its own
    • I've always only allowed ZoneAlarm to run when Windows starts, but now different programs try to run as well. (ie. MSN, YM, etc..)
    • Cant apply changes on System Configuration Utility, it doesnt respond to anything, therefore I cant disable on the Startup tab all programs that I dont want to start with Windows.
    • My dial-up connection wont work. I click on the icon on the desktop and it gives me an application error. I called the technical support and he said that there must be a problem with the registry, that something must have been changed (but I never changed anything). He's just shown me how to make a separate connection, but my original dial-up connection isn't working
    • EDITED: Just found out that my audio's gone as well!!!

    I dont know it's a virus coz ZoneAlarm hasn't found anything.
    Please help...
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