Shader 3.0 Support in Nvidia Cards.

By BringinHeat
Mar 16, 2005
  1. I just recently played splinter cell chaos theory on PC, i have a 6800 GT overclocked to 420/1130 and when i have the game playing at shader 3.0 it is slow as hell and i am running this at 1024*768. I barely get 35 FPS, this also happened when i was playin chronicles of riddick which also supports shader 3.0 and my fps was even worse. I dont know if its my pc, software or the card. But if it is the card i dont get why nvidia will put the support for a technology that their current generation of video cards can not handle. :wave:
  2. shadow_29

    shadow_29 TS Rookie Posts: 211

    it is not necessarily an issue with the shader model 3.0,do you have anything running in the background,do you have aa or af on?also it doesnt have to be the video cards fault for low fps count,it might be becuase of a weak or an unmatched processor to keep up or slower ram.shader model 3.0 is relatively new technology the fault doesnt have to be in the hardware(gpu) but might be in the software(game)as well.
  3. BringinHeat

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    You mite be rite it could just be the software. I dont think it is my computer specs i have a gig of pc 3200, i have 37 background programs running. The funny thing is that as soon as i turn off the shader model and bring it back down to shader 1.1 it runs at 100 FPS more or less as for AA i have 4X and AF at 8X. The only reason i put this post up is because this is the second game with the same issue that i have had. Just wanted to know if anyone else has the same issue. But thanks for your help!!!
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