Sharp to begin production on three new IGZO notebook displays

Shawn Knight

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Sharp is moving forward with their notebook-minded IGZO LCD panel initiative at a steady pace and will begin production of three new panel sizes next month at the company’s Kameyama Plant No. 2. The corporation is ramping up to build...

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On another note tho - seeing as those are the same type of displays as the iPhone 5, that must make for some seriously beautiful laptops. Microsoft must get its act together now for his PPI displays.

Jad Chaar

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I hope this finally means the beginning of the end for the God forsaken 1366 x 768 "standard" for notebooks.
I think 1080P should be the next big standard for notebooks. But seriously, even 1080P is dying. 2560x1440 is gonna become the new norm. We just need someone to enforce it and the price and thickness of HD panels have to slim down.