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Dec 18, 2008
  1. Hello all...
    I wish to connect to a computer in another LAN using remote desktop connection.
    I don't want to change any setting of the LAN but only to a specific computer in that LAN.
    In this case, most of the solution is using VPN but I'm really stuck on it.

    Is there any way to create a static IP-adress for this computer so I can use this address to connect without caring the Router.

    For your information, the computer I'm going to connect is using Windows XP Pro and I already allow the remote computer connection.
    Thank you for your attention :D
  2. LookinAround

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    You need to understand public vs. private network addresses to understand you MUST care about routers.

    Public addresses are sent over the public internet. When people buy Internet service their Internet Service Providers gives them ONE ip address. You must pay extra if you want more then one public address.

    So you are probably wondering.. How the heck can someone have multiple computers and network devices if there's only ONE network address? How then si it that people routinely have Local Networks with multiple devices with each their own IP address? The answer is the router!

    The router serves as your ONE public ip address point on the internet. So all traffic for you (and your one address) is sent to your router (just as is true if you send to someone else, their Ip address and their router)

    Think of the router has having TWO sides: public side viewed from the internet (which shows your public address) and a private side (viewed from your LAN). The router creates private addresses for each device on the LAN . The interesting detail being: a private IP address is only unique to your own LAN! The identical private IP address can be assigned on any number (even ALL) LANs. That's because traffic is sent between unique router public addresses

    If you issue a remote connect request to someone's LAN it can only be sent with a public address. Plus someone has to configure the router so the router knows wich device to forward it to as it otherwise has no idea what private address it should forward it to
  3. Phelios

    Phelios TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thank for your reply..
    So, it's not possible?
    How about using VPN?
  4. =XHumed=

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    I'm assuming this is a SOHO kind of set-up... Someone at the remote lan will need to set up either port forwarding to the IP of the machine you want to take remote control of (Windows Remote Destop uses port 3389 by default).

    another perhaps simpler option that might work, but would still require user intervention at the remote end, is to install Hamachi on both PC's. This is a program that allows a fairly easy way of setting up a VPN between 2 (or more...) PC's. Once they are both in the Hamachi VPN together, you should be able to take remote control (provided you have the right permissions on the remote pc of course...).
  5. Phelios

    Phelios TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Looks like this is the only solution (using Hamachi).
    I dunno the Router password and not good if I reset (not my authority)..
    And, the router is set to forward the incoming traffic to one of the computer already (I know because that PC is accessible remotely).

    Anyway thank you all :D
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