Sims 2 Install Problem

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Aug 13, 2008
  1. My computer crashed just before Christmas last year and I am just now getting around to reinstalling my games. I reinstalled RCT3 with no problems, and then when I put in disc 1 of the Sims2 - nothing happens. It won't work in the cd drive, and it won't work in the dvd drive. It will however work on another computer. Not only that, disc 1 of a friend's copy of Sims2 also won't work on my computer. When I put in disc 2,3, or 4, it asks me to put in disc 1. The strange thing is, it sees all of the files on the disc. I've already tried running it from the desktop and that also didn't work. I also tried to manually run the disc with no luck. I am running Windows XP Professional. There are a couple of changes since then. I now have SP3, and have since had to purchase a new Pioneer dvd burner. That's not the problem though because as I mentioned earlier, other games install with no problem. I have the PC version of Sims2, not the dvd. My graphics card is an ATI Radion, but as I mentioned before, I've played Sims2 on this computer before. I also tried disabling all emulation software, and I even tried disabling all drives except the one the cd was in and that didn't work either. I have searched every where for an answer to this problem with no luck. I hope there is someone out there who can help me!
  2. Ultiweap

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    Ok this seems that the CD itself may be damage.

    So for recovering the data on it even it is damage so download CD Check that will let you recover the data inside.

    CD Check
  3. lazypug

    lazypug TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The cd is not damaged. As a matter of fact, I finally did get it to install, but only in safe mode! It will only let me install my expansion packs this way too. Anyone have any idea why this could be?
  4. Ultiweap

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    Ok so it may be a process conflicting with the installation.
  5. ILoveTokioHotel

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    Someone Help Please!

    Iv'e had my Sim 2 for about 2 years already.
    the cd is not damaged
    and i had the game downloaded perfectly fine on my old computer then that computer crashed
    so then i got a new computer last year and the sims 2 game wont download i choose install the sims 2
    and then i put i allow and trust this download and whatever
    and then it only goes up to the language i want which i picked english and nothing happens and like a minute later something pops up saying that Uninstalls the CD has stop working
    can some please help me out?
  6. swker98

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    i agree with the possible process conflict, hit control+alt+delete and see how many processes are running
  7. alamod

    alamod TS Rookie

    Sims 2 installation help!

    This is for the VERY patient:

    I'm trying to install Sims 2 on my Vista Windows....

    When I put in the CD, I click autorun, and then allow this program....

    And then a grey square pops up that says the Sims 2 with a red circle and an X in the middle.... NOTHING ELSE.

    I have Shaw Secure, and I have tried msconfig.... uncheck F secure at startup and run

    I have tried switching to UAC disable

    I have tried closing every single program possible

    I have tried installing the Sims add-ons first

    Before the problem occured, I installed Sims 2 and Sims University just fine, but accidentally put them in the same location, so had to uninstall both of them

    Every single file relating to the Sims has been deleted....

    I'm going to try to download the Sims from the internet, but does anyone else have any suggestions I could try? It's not the CD, because the Sims has already been downloaded twice on this computer!!!

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