Sirin Labs is launching a luxury smartphone with military-grade security next month for $15,000


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How much would you pay for what could be the most secure, advanced commercial smartphone in the world? British-Israeli startup Sirin Labs thinks that users would be willing to spend up to $15,000 for a mobile device that mixes advanced technology with military-grade security, and will be releasing this “Rolls-Royce of smartphones” at the end of next month.

Sirin Labs isn’t making empty promises; the company has already raised $72 million in funding from private investors so it can bring the device to market. It will be launched in the company’s dedicated store, which is due to open late May in the exclusive Mayfair area of West London.

The smartphone will be called the “Solarin,” and although it’s based on the Android OS, the phone will feature military-level security, powerful components, luxury materials, and tech so advanced that some of it isn’t yet commercially available.

“We managed to combine military phone and the phone for everyday use […] We said: let’s create the best phone we can. Let’s see if we can integrate the best from both worlds without limitations,” said Sirin co-founder and president Moshe Hogeg.

The Solarin is aimed at executives who want "the highest level of privacy and connectivity with uncompromising quality," according to the firm. These features don’t come cheap; Hogeg said the devices will start at $10,000 and go all the way up to $15,000, but added that the price may come down in the future.

"Unlike mainstream technology companies where price is paramount, Sirin Labs doesn't need to wait a couple of years before bringing the most advanced technology to its customers. Cost doesn't influence our decision making; optimal functionality and quality do,” said CEO Tal Cohen.

The Solarin will be available globally through Sirin Labs own site, and the company plans to open other retail stores across North America, Europe, and Asia later this year.

As noted by Reuters, the Solarin won’t be the most expensive phone in the world. Vertu still produces incredibly pricey mobile devices that sell from $9000 to $300,000, and Apple’s iPhone Black Diamond went for $15.3 million.

Most luxury phones are standard devices with expensive materials, such as gold and diamonds, incorporated into the design. The Solarin, however, is said to combine this luxury with advanced technology and security. Whether it will be worth $10K - $15K is another matter, but with privacy being such an issue these days, some people will pay a high price to guarantee it.

“As tech lovers, we said we wanted to bring the most sophisticated tech out there into the smartphone,” said Hogeg. “91% of Fortune 500 companies are under cyber attacks, but companies can’t use a military phone because they usually lack all the apps that consumers use.

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Stop throwing military-grade in front of everything like it means anything anymore. especially cybersecurity...
"Security so tough it can be submerged underwater for 3 hours"


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The generation before us just don't get it. If its online, its not secure. Advanced encryption helps...a little.
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Stop throwing military-grade in front of everything like it means anything anymore. especially cybersecurity...
"Security so tough it can be submerged underwater for 3 hours"
Interesting thing about "military-grade" hardware is that in certain instances it is worse than civilian spec gear (like weapons that must be NATO compliant).

You can't sell me on "military-grade." I wan't corporate secrets-grade encryption.

Uncle Al

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I'm only buying "military grade" if I can pull the pin and throw it like a grenade ..... otherwise, where's the fun?


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I'd love to see a device capable of stopping people from operating on insecure networks or downloading and installing spy/malware manually.
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Only $15,000 for some quirk? And I thought it was bad to install the $50 hdmi cable when you could install the $5 one. Sucker born every minute. I have a $50 smartphone from walmart, and you can get them now from cricket for $20. They must be trying to sell to the government.


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People just love the sound of "military grade". Little do they realise how ineffective and inefficient any military can be. 20 minutes later your unbelievably overpriced, fancy pants device has been cracked and bang goes your $15000 'investment', if not, a year later all the components are obsolete anyway.