SIS 900 NIC driver

By Fleece
Apr 15, 2007
  1. Hi i have windows xp and not long ago my internet started to play up. It would stop viewing web pages after like 5 minutes when i was still connected. I would try to ping myself when this happens through the command window and it would say that it has timed out. I have a dsl modem which i use 2 computers to connect to the internet with. The other computer works fine. At about the same time as this problem i started getting BSOD with error code 0x000000d1 refering the file sisnic.sys which is the driver of my sis 900 fast ethernet adapter, which points to my nic driver as the problem. So i update my nic driver and my mobos chipset but i still get the same problem only this time the BSOD refers to the new driver file sisnicxp.sys instead.I am out of ideas as updating my driver should of fixed the problem but it didnt :dead:
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