SiS Raid.sys could not be found

By dummy61
Feb 4, 2007
  1. When I log on it come up with SiS Raid could not be found, if I press F6 it reads put in disc and press enter but there was not a floppy disc supplied with the computer.

    I went on the device properties on to the drivers
    SiS 180 Raid Driver Controller I have updated and uninstalled and re-installed but this has not solved the problem

    I have been browsing the web and there are alot of SiS raid 180 to download out there, I do not know if they are the same or different, so please can you help me and let me know which one if possible or have I got to download it on to floppy disc to download when I log on

    What I know about computers is what i have learned my self in the past 12 months so I need help with this problem and I have no idea which one, and I do not want to mess my computer up more.

    Window XP
    Home Edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 2. Intel Celeron (R)

    So please can someone help me with this problem.
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