SLI + dedicated PhysX card

By Jesse
Mar 14, 2011
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  1. I'm upgrading from 2 GTX 460's to 2 GTX 570's and am thinking about using one of the 460's as a dedicated PhysX card.

    Is this pretty simple to do? Is it just a setting in the Nvidia control panel?

    And, is it worth it? Will I see noticeable gains in performance?

    I'm using a 30" monitor @ 2560x1600, and the games I'm playing right now are FFXIV, Dragon Age II, and BF:BC2.

    I have my system specs listed in my profile.

  2. red1776

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    Hi Prismatics,
    Yes, do not bridge the cards, go into the Nvidia control panel and under "select PhysX Processor" in the drop down list, choose the GTX 460 and off you go. The 460 will make a very nice PhysX card (they recommend at least a 9800GT) so it will handle PhysX duties nicely. I ran a GTX 460 as a PhysX with (at the time) my 3 x HD 5850's setup (that was a little trickier) it worked great, but I opted for a 4th HD 5850. Thats it really, choose the 460 and go.
    Let us know what you think of the performance if you would. :)

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