SLI Setup Freezing

By Davy700
Oct 3, 2005
  1. :confused: Hi All

    I have just built a new PC As Follows

    Asus P5ND2-SLI
    Pentium D 840+
    Corsair XMS2 PRO 2gb DDR2 Twin 2X
    Artic EVO120 Cooler
    2x Asus Extreme N7800 GTX TOP
    Thermaltake Tsunami Dream Case
    Hyper Type-R Series 580W Modular Power Supply
    Diamond Max9 80gb SATA
    Pioneer DVD-RW

    Having built it and installed Win Xp Pro SP2 and all device drivers everything was ok i then installed FABLE and 2 mins into the game lockup so i restarted everything boots ok as i tried to get to control panel to remove fable thinking this was the problem it froze again restarted and the thing just randomly locks up

    I tried all the usual eg
    Bios Upgrade "This made the PC refuse to boot"
    Chipset Drivers "This made it freeze less But It still Freezes"
    Graphics Drivers Both Asus and Nvidia "Made no noticable Difference"

    I then tried stripping it down to needed components
    No dvd drive
    1 stick of memory
    1 graphics card

    Fresh install of windows and it was still the same Random Freezing
    So i tried Changing Memory Graphics Card still same I then tried a IDE harddrive "another install of windows" still Freezing

    I then realised i had bought the standard P5ND2-SLI and not the Deluxe i bit the Bullet and bought the Deluxe version and Yes Still Freezing Arggghh
    I then went out and bought a Pentium 650+ not the Dual Core
    the PC now only Freezes when in SLI Enabled Mode Arrggghhhh

    Anyone`s HELP will be well cool
  2. mebeggs

    mebeggs TS Rookie

    p5nd2-sli Deluxe Instability

    I just bought a new PC with P5nd2-sli Deluxe and it locks up all the time. I swapped out Power supply, Vid card, memory, KB/Mouse, and even reseated Heatsinks with arctic silver, and reloaded with bare XP... still no help. I'm about to send this guy back.
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