Slingbox SOLO and SlingPlayer Mobile for Symbian S60

By Julio Franco
Sep 27, 2007
  1. (PR announcement) In a nutshell...

    Slingbox SOLO - the newest member of our Slingbox line, landing at $179.99 between the AV (129.99) and the PRO ($229.99). The SOLO has a refreshed design and is our first unit with built-in component connections for HD input. Additionally, every input has a pass-thru output. Not only is the SOLO being released in the US this week, it's simultaneously being released in Canada and the UK.

    SlingPlayer Mobile for Symbian S60 - We originally launched Symbian support in Europe with mobile provider 3. Our brand new stand-alone client is now available in the US ($29.99), Canada ($34.99), and the UK (19.99 GBP). New features in the stand-alone client include WiFi support and a fullscreen landscape viewing mode. AND We're working with Nokia to provide SlingPlayer Mobile free to US N95 customers at no charge! In North America, we're touting support for the Nokia N95, N75, and E65 (3G and/or WiFi) handsets. Overseas, it's the Nokia N95, E65, N73, and 6120.
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