By tn_joeysome
Apr 9, 2007
  1. could someone send a pic of a pci-e x16, pci-ex1 and pci slots? thanks
  2. captaincranky

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    A Picture is worth a Thousand Words...Hmmm

    I"m going to try to get it done in a couple hundred. You really don't need a picture. All these sockets point to the expansion slots in the back of the cabinet. They're all parallel to one another.
    1. The PCI sockets are WHITE. about three inches long.
    2. The PCI-E x 16 sockets are identical but they're BLACK, and they REVERSED in the board. (you'll see the anti-reversal bridge at the opposite end about 1 inch from the end. You can actually insert a PCI card into the PCI-E x 16 socket but the connectors will point toward the inside of the case. Not good.

    3. The PCI-E x 1 sockets are also BLACK but only about 1 inch long.
    Unless your computer has Add-in sound, Video, and Modem cards, most of these sockets will be empty.

    If you simply must insist on a picture (or diagram) simply download the Motherboard manual from the manufacturer's web site.
  3. tn_joeysome

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    ok, thanks a bunch
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