Slow computer and cpu overload

By JohnMartin
Apr 24, 2009
  1. Hello.

    Was hoping that some of you could help me analyze my log files.
    Lately I have had some problems that my CPU has been running on 40-50% load even when I'm not doing anything.

    So I have followed the 8 step guide, and attached the logs.
    Did not find anything special during the scans.

    As you can see in the SuperAntiSpyware scan log. The program found BearShare p2p program. Had forgot I had it installed, so I deleted it then, and not in step 3.

    Hope someone can help me.

  2. Bobbye

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    This is not the same system as the in-laws, right?
    But while they had the P2P uTorrent and Azureus, you have Bearshare, indicating extensive use of file sharing sites. That was brought to your attention on the previous thread. See step 3 regarding P2P programs.

    The Cookies indicate many visits to 'adult' and porn sites. I am tempted to stop right here. I realize that the standards in the Netherlands are different from mine-however this system is overloaded with these types of site visits.

    Reset Cookies:
    As for 'CPU overload', the best way I find to check this out is as follows:
    Prepare the system for shutdown, but do not shutdown yet.
    Open the Task Manager> Processes tab.
    Click twice on the top frame above the CPU column- this will sort in descending order.
    You should only see CPU usage now of System Idle, System and taskmgr. Together they should total 100% of the CPU usage.

    Any other process over 1-2% is what is running. Locate the processes and Google them.

    Note that if you have programs auto-updating, this can be a cause of CPU use when you are not active.

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