So many BSODs in Win7 x64

Apr 1, 2011
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  1. I've about reached my limit with my system. It's relatively new (less that 6 months) with the following specs:

    AMD Phenom II 1100T
    Gigabyte 870A-UD3 MoBo
    8GB Corsair DDR3 1600MHz
    Asetek 240mm water cooling
    Nvidia GEForce GTX 460 2GB GPU
    1 60GB SSD (boot drive)
    2 1TB HDD (data), one SATA II and one SATA III

    Since this OS (Windows 7 Premium 64 bit) has been installed it's been anothing but problems concerning BSODs. After the original install, I installed with a different copy which helped a bit, but it still happens. Usually at least once a day. I'll attach the dump files. I've updated every driver I can and run memtest86+ for 4-5 passes with no errors. The one thing that pops up in every single dump is ntoskrnl.exe but I don't know if this is normal (as in...if the dump files need it to be generated). It may also be worth noting that this problem is most common when moderately stressing the processor (30-60%). Any help would be hugely appreciated.

    Edit: I wish I could give more info on the causes, but they're so veried. Everything from Driver IRQL, Memory Management, NTFS (which seemed really weird), etc. Sometimes it just dumps hex.

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  2. Illusiphix

    Illusiphix TS Rookie

    Hey, have you tried loading a different operating system onto it (Ubuntu, Mint etc), I know this isn't great advice but at least then you can be certain it is a hardware fault. As for the excessive BSODs I have no idea I'm sorry I will research it.

    Edit: What software have you attempted to install onto it?

    Hope you get a fix buddy.

  3. GT40FIED

    GT40FIED TS Rookie Topic Starter

    To be honest, I toyed with the idea. Then I realized I have absolutely no experience in dealing with anything Linux-based.
  4. Illusiphix

    Illusiphix TS Rookie

    Ubuntu is a pretty simple system to use, if you're worried about messing it up install it onto a spare computer you have (if you're anything like me you have a few spare computers lying about the house to play around with) then if you feel you are confident enough to use it try it. The Ubuntu website gives a lot of instructions how the install and it even has a "Try me" bootable file.


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