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Solution to 127gb limit on hard drives that are bigger.

By thrikreen
Nov 27, 2006
  1. After searching the internet for help on this problem, I decided to call Hitachi support. This is how I got my HD size limitation fixed. First off I am running windows xp home with sp2 installed. I don't know if this will work for earlier then sp2. It was actually alot easier then I thought it would be. First, go to start right click on my computer then select manage from the menu. This will now take you to computer management. Select disk management and you will see on the right two windows one that just shows your hard drives and cd/dvd roms and then below that a window that shows the info of each one. Here you should see a colored bars that show your partitions, you can also see your unused space, all you need to do is create a partition on the unused space and then now you should be able to have your full hard drive compacity. Also, if you have a slave hard drive you can just create a full partition using the full amount of disk space. If all you have is one hard drive and want a full partition I recommend creating a 25 gig partition for just windows, and miscilainous applications like word, and then partitioning the rest on the second partition, in my experience is increased my windows start up times and efficiency. I hope this helps all who are having the same problems as I was having.
  2. Rick

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    There are better solutions and they've been discussed on the forum. :)

    Updating your BIOS is the best solution, when possible, followed by adding an additional PCI IDE card or using drive overlay programs to recognize the full amount.
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