Solved: Major problems with Sigmatel audio card

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Dec 8, 2008
  1. TridentCrash

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    ok i have finish the steps in your previous post. I have included the 3 files in a compressed folder
  2. LookinAround

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    Brief explanation:
    Remember, there are two important devices involved with your HD Audio
    => Microsoft UAA Bus for HD Audio
    => Sigmatel sound card

    1) As regards, Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio the Dell driver only asserts Microsoft KB835221 (i first noticed back in post #16. Shoulda noted the version numbers then! oh well)

    2) Now I believe at least part (maybe the root) problem is: (won't know till we fix it)
    => You have a mismatched set of driver files and .dll library versions. (I can see how this might also cause all those different MS Kernel driver load errors. I caught WDMaudio driver problem side-effect as a good symptom. But guessed the wrong fix!)​
    For the fix
    We have two different ways to go

    Option1. Let's first just try applying MS KB888111 and see if it cleans all things up
    • Before the MS update, if you Start->Run, enter serviwin drivers, scroll to HDaudbus.sys it shows: version
    • After the MS update, it should show version
    • Reboot and check if driver errors (they may have installed correctly here)
    • If Sigmatel sound card is STILL an error, go to device manager, rt click on Sigmatel sound card, click Update Driver
      • When it asks to go looking say NO, not this time (next)
      • Install from a specific location (next)
      • Don't search. I will choose driver location (next)
      • (You may or may not be asked to choose a device: if you're asked, choose Sound at this step)
      • Click Have Disk, Browse C:\DELL\drivers\R171789\WDM (next)
      • Click as needed to allow install to run and Finish
    => just you know... way back when you last double clicked that Dell install file it first unpacks itself into
    C:\DELL\drivers\R171789. Those files should still be there. But if not, you can double click that Dell package again. Once its done unpacking files, it then starts the install BUT CANCEL it!
    => The path i had you browse to above for Update Driver C:\DELL\drivers\R171789\WDM is installer info just for Sigmatel portion of the install (so Update Driver then skips any attempt to reapply any old KBs should it make any difference)​
    Option2: We upgrade to XP SP3 which should also clean up things. But need some prep before the upgrade if we take this route to make sure is smooth going​

    So give Option1 a shot first.

    Will still be looking at the Logitech driver.. but not just yet
  3. TridentCrash

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    "Let's first just try applying MS KB888111 and see if it cleans all things up"

    Either i got a wrong link or in all that reading i got confused as to of what im to be doing?
    I went back and read some of the past posts and was wondering if we did/ going to do anything with lower filter LVUSBSta.sys?
  4. LookinAround

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    1. I'll still look at LVUSBSta.sys but....
    2. Your situation requires you apply the new update regardless
    3. As you just asked what to do, i took another look saw MS said to remove the current KB
    4. HOWEVER, i went to look at your Add/Remove programs list (you sent me a copy of the program list awhile back) The KB we want to remove isn't listed for us!
    5. But let's try the MS KB888111 install file anyway. See if it error returns or really does an uninstall as well
    6. Click here for the MS page. Note towards top of that MS page, they give the link to download the fix. Download and run it
    7. Let's see if an error message or it really does install
    8. If install seems success, go back to other post to see how verify is the correct newer version and continue steps given after that
  5. TridentCrash

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    Ok after the unzip of the files i rebooted and first thing that i noticed was that my screen resoluton is all screwy (its at 1024X768, is unsully at 1024X800 i think, not to sure at that) but the only settings i can choose from for my resolution is 1024X768 and 800X600. I normaly have way more settings than that. Also when i rebooted there was a pop-up error on my screen it said this "Could not load file or assembly 'MOM.Implementation' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot not find the file specified."

    Also the file version for HDaudbus.sys is still version and not version

    Did I do something wrong?
  6. LookinAround

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    No.Not you.

    I did a quick search shows a number of people showed similar MOM.implementation messages when installing that Microsoft KB (and that MOM thing appears to be related to ATI control center so also ties in with display issue you reporte3d) And i know i've seen that MOM message before but don't remember where

    One would think that Dell and Microsoft would have all this fully tested and patched for newer bugs in their install packages by now since both the Dell's driver and Windows HD audio updates have both been out for a couple years already!

    So there;s still two choices:
    Proceed with the SP3 upgrade.
    • The early bugs in original SP3 upgrade were all fixed by last summer. The upgrade seems to go without problem for most people since last fall
    • tho i don't know whatever is about computer's settings or "quirks"that cause all the current pain-in-the-@@@ problems and if may also afffect Windows' SP3 upgrade
    • Can you perform a full system backup? do you already have backup software and media? Is a good thing to do in any case. But certainly before the SP3 upgrade
    • There's a little other prep work just making sure enough disk space, etc.
    Continue with XP SP2
    • In whcih case need see just what-the-heck Windows is doing now. (I'll still look at Logitech whether in SP2 or SP3
    • Also don't know if you have any input or preference on doing the SP3 upgrade next or we continue to look at current SP2 issues
    So.. wanted ask about your input. as well as if you can run full backups is advised before anything SP3
  7. TridentCrash

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    umm... yea i have no problem with upgrading to SP3 but i would still like to spend a lil more time while on SP2 and try and figure this one out
  8. LookinAround

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    anothe post as another thought: if the mom.implemenation error is the result of NOT having uninstalled the first Windows HD audio driver (tho i thought they would either uninstall it themselves or see its there, give an error message, then just stop the install!)

    /* EDIT */
    just saw your reply and is ok by that route too.
  9. TridentCrash

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    ok so what would the next route of attack be now?
  10. LookinAround

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    i did another quick google and would appear the MOM issue is ATI and is triggered by a few different MS updates.

    And solved by uninstalling the ATI catalyst control center. Then reinstalling.

    But before you do... do you know how to try start the ATI Catalyst Control center version you have (so you can find the version). if doesnt start i'll find the files and tell to where to find them and you can find out catalyst version that way
  11. TridentCrash

    TridentCrash TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 68

    yes ive tried to restart it when i first realized my resolutions were all screwy and it keeps popping up the same error message
  12. LookinAround

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    no worries... am planning you do the following (so should good to go even without knowing that version) But am checking some details. so this is fyi.. but NOT TO PROCEED yet until i edit at the bottom of post (maybe15 mins)

    On the go-ahead
    1. Go to Control Panel Add/Remove Programs. Uninstall ATI Control Center
    2. Reinstall the video driver using what we find on Dell's support site (click here) (am pretty sure but also checking the ATI catalyst stuff will be found in dell install package)
    3. there may also be an issue with your version of windows net framework currently installed so checking that too

    Will provide an edit below when all is confirmed a go-ahead

    /* edit */
    So i can see stuff in the install package include ATI install info and references to Catalyst but can't tell exactly what it is
    But is the driver install from dell and is the ATI installer so has got to all be ok
    Go ahead and do the Steps 1 and 2 above. Then tell me the version of the catalyst control center that comes up as i'll double check that with net framework
    so is a go ahead
  13. LookinAround

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    Some info:
    ATI Catalyst Control Center
    - You should be ok to simply uninstall ATI using Add/Remove Programs
    ===> i see 2 things for ATI in your Add/Remove list, one is called ATI - Software Uninstall Utility. Uninstall that one
    - Then download the audio driver from Dell site (link in prior post) and run the Dell install package to reinstall your driver plus ATI Catalyst
    - Let me know if ATI is back to normal again​
    Logitech Web Cam and Driver Issues
    As for the Logitech filter LVUSBSta.sys
    - I’ll need to get some more info from you before we can figure out what to about LVUSBSta.sys filter in the long term
    - For the short term, we can
    • Uninstall both the Logitech Cam driver AND the filter LVUSBSta.sys OR...
    • We can leave the Cam driver installed and I give you a script that only removes LVUSBSta.sys filter BUT fyi the Logitech Cam driver checks periodically and will keep putting the filter back!! I don’t know yet if it’s possible to stop the driver from doing that
    Some more info i'll need to start
    - What’s your WebCam product name? Confirm cam’s product name by click for the logitech site, select among Logitech’s list of names and they’ll show you a picture of the cam so you confirm
    - Find the web cam in device manager. Rt click Properties. Click Driver tab. Which driver version does it say you are running?
    Will have to follow up later about the MS HD Audio bus update and what next
  14. TridentCrash

    TridentCrash TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 68

    ok first off, when i removed the ATI uninstall it made me reboot but it was still there after the reboot??

    and my logitech driver is the QuickCam Connect and i cant seem to find the driver version
  15. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Posts: 6,491   +184

    Some questions so i'm in sync with where we are at this point
    1. Were there two ATI entries in Add/Remove programs with names somethin like: Software Uninstall Utility and other ATI Display Driver
    2. You ran the ATI Software Uninstall Utility?
    3. Did you stop when you still saw errors? or you also ran the re-install?
    Create a restore point before continuing with steps below
    Start->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->System Restore Then create a restore point
    And for next steps we'll try to thoroughly scrub and clean out lingering ATI stuff
    • Check to see (and tell me if either of below are still there)
      • In Add/Remove Programs, is ATI Display Driver still listed? If yes, remove it
      • Look In Device Manager, find your graphics adapter device. Rt click Properties. Click Driver tab. Does it indicate an ATI driver? I believe once ATI driver removed it'll show a driver named something like Microsoft generic VGA driver. If still indicates ATI Display Driver, rt click uninstall it
    • Download: Driver Sweeper
    • Boot into safemode. Run driversweeper (check the options to remove ATI stuff) Reboot to normal
    • Run the Dell install package to reinstall your video drivers

    As for your Logitech cam:
    • Can you do without it for awhile? Am thinking would be good if it's uninstalled while trying to get other stuff working as not clear what impact it might be having
    • If you should need it you could reinstall but then uninstall again before any other testing on other stuff
    • To try and get current driver info, try this: Web cam should be plugged in, turned on. In Device Manager, find the web cam (will probably under USB devices), rt click Properties, Driver tab. Should say Logitech, driver date, version number?
  16. LookinAround

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    Some stuff for the Logitech cam

    Create a batch file for each of the following
    Start->Run, enter notepad. Copy the code into notepad. Save to a file. Rename the file and change file extension to .bat
    To Display sound card lower filters (Use this to see if Logitech filter is being applied to sound. It appears as LVUSBSta)
    devcon classfilter media lower
    To remove the Logitech filter
    the command below assumes the Logitech filter was the first and only filter displayed by command above
    devcon classfilter media lower !LVUSBSta
    devcon restart “HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_8384&DEV_7690&SUBSYS_102801F5&REV_1022”
    Now you can try uninstalling the Logitech web cam driver and then remove the Logitech filter

    /*** EDIT */
    Oh! and a found a new tool! think may help when we get back to sigrmatel again!
  17. TridentCrash

    TridentCrash TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 68

    Ok first off, the only thing still showing for my ATI is the registration? i went ahead and did driver sweeper in safe mode (after creating a restore point of course) and rebooted to normal and its still there? and as if i need my quickcam? HELL NO! im tired of all it... im going to trash it (lol or give it to sum1 i hate) Also i apologies for the long time to reply, I was out of town and didnt have my comp with me saying its in a vegetable state!

    And as the batch files the first one wont stay open for more longer than a second... so im dont gonna go and run the second one yet

    I ran the command through cmd manually and got "LVUSBSta Unchanged"
    Im still dont gonna go thorough the other command until i get further conformation from you
  18. LookinAround

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    As for the ATI issues
    When you said
    I assume the registration (or anything ATI related) still appears in Add/Remove programs.

    So if the MOM error is still there, at this point, I ask: Have you tried downloading and re-installing the ATI video drivers from the Dell download site yet? It could be the MOM errors aren’t actually corrected until after the re-install is actually run and completed

    As for the scripts for the Logitech filters
    My error. As you noticed! The batch window closes immediately after the commands run so there's no time to see the output! To remedy this, you can simply add the pause command at end of each batch file so the script pauses window won’t close till you type any key

    1. Output from first batch file to display filters
    When you run this display current filters command you see Class filters unchanged. followed by the filters found (e.g. LVUSBSta when the Logitech filter is still being applied)

    2. Output from second batch file to remove the Logitech filter
    The first output line is either Class filters changed. Class devices must be restarted for changes to take effect. if the command succeeded and change applied or devcon failed. if the command fails (e.g. the filter wasn't there to begin with).
    You then see the list of filters that apply. So if you see any empty list with no filters displayed here is a good thing.

    The device must be restarted for the change to take affect. So I included a restart command in the batch file

    Now a reboot would also do a restart but i'm not sure if the Logitech driver if it's still installed at time of reboot it may also try and put the filter right back! (you may want to test this out first to see if it reappears after reboot) So you may need to play with the order in which you do things: as to removing the filter, uninstalling the Logitech driver, then reboot. Or maybe uninstalling Logitech driver first, then removing filter, then reboot.​

    /** EDIT1 **/
    Oh. And should you want to capture a screen shot again in the future, just save it as a .gif or .jpg file. If the file size is too large (i.e. over 200K) this tool should make it easy to resize it so you can attach it.

    /** EDIT2 **/
    I just happened to be looking at the Dell Downloads and Drivers page and I see they have TWO ATI drivers:
    - One under Chipset and
    - One under Video

    So you may want to reinstall chipset first and then the video driver
  19. TridentCrash

    TridentCrash TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 68

    ok to be down right honest I got my resolution working now but a few minor glitches that I cant sem to figure out.
    I used to have like a million resolution settings but now I have four? I really dont think this has anything to do with the problems but thought i would mention it. I still have the correct resolution i need tho. Also my desktop wallpaper wont set right? its in the top left corner of the screen. i tried to change the pic and strech or tile or what ever but it still takes up the exact same space in the top left corner. Ive included a link to the screen shot of my desktop as refrence. I got to lazy to resize it.

    And as of the logitech filter, its gone! But the driver is still shitly installed with almost no hope of uninstalling. I spent the past few days trying to get it to go away, but its almost impossible. Its not even a "full" driver. I click uninstall from the add remove programs and i get an error message asking me to choose a place to uninstall it from?:dead:

    Sadly, still no sound tho... :(
  20. TridentCrash

    TridentCrash TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 68

    OH MY GOD!!!!!
    I have NO idea what I did but i have sound again!!!!!!!
    I decided to try and install the sound chipset again and it just started working!!!!!!
    Must have had somthing to do with that stupid logitech filter!!!
  21. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Hmm. Will this be the end of this long thread or not? :D
  22. TridentCrash

    TridentCrash TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 68

    I hope this will be the end! :D
  23. LookinAround

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    Just a quick post for now (will follow-up later with add'l info for you or others reading that might find helpful understanding/debugging similar problems)

    But first and foremost:
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!:grinthumb CONGRATULATIONS!!!:grinthumb CONGRATULATIONS!!!:grinthumb CONGRATULATIONS!!!:grinthumb​

    After all the effort in this thread (not to mention your own effort even before starting the thread) it's awfully suspicious that your sound FINALLY starts working again after we first
    - Remove the Logitech media class filter and then you
    - Reinstall your sound card!!

    In any case, would advise
    1. Create a restore point
    2. Install and run DriverMax to backup all your current drivers
    3. I don't know if you run backup software that allows you to backup and image your hard drive. But if you don't, i think now is an excellent time to invest in buying it!!! (I personally prefer/use Acronis True Image). This should at least guarantee that whatever happens (and should the logitech filter be the problem source and possibly interfere again from this point forward) you can always have the option to restore to this moment in time on your hard drive!
  24. LookinAround

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    I had already started to prepare a reply for you before getting your latest good news (which am still happy to hear! :) ) Most of the reply still applies (except I changed NEXT STEPs to reflect where things are now) So let me know what you want to do (if anything) about NEXT STEPS below

    => For you (or anyone reading): Read Explanation below for summary of info and reasoning behind what-would-be-next had the problem not been fixed
    => Or you can just skip to Next Steps below to decide what to do now (that problem appears fixed)

    • Windows audio drivers (that are part of Windows) will not run
      • I interpret as a continued sign of an underlying and fundamental problem with your system
      • It might be due to your Sigmatel driver but..
      • It might be a sign of something completely different and another problem – having little or nothing to do with Sigmatel
    • Your drivers appear to install but not start
      • As I interpret all those setupapi trace logfiles you sent me: Your drivers are actually installing OK. (Specifically, Microsoft Hi Def UAA, the WDM drivers (- these are the Windows audio drivers) and your Sigmatel driver)
    • HOWEVER, driver installation is a separate step from getting them to actaully start and run
      When it comes time for Windows to actually START the drivers running
    • Follow-up steps are to start uninstalling media drivers and then reboot after each one to check WDM drivers
      • They need be uninstalled via Add/Remove Programs first if you find them there. If removed via Add/Remove Programs the device shouldn't get reinstalled on reboot
      • Uninstall via Device Manager if need be. However, if they reappear on reboot after uninstall via Device Manager it means we need find the driver Setup Installation file (.inf extension) usually will be in C:\Windows\system32\inf that's allowing the reinstall to still happen. Once found, simply the rename it to a different extension (i.e. NOT .inf)
      • Uninstall the sound card first, then Microsoft UAA driver and other media drivers as needed until the Microsoft kernel WDM drivers don’t display an error immediately after reboot
    Now that sound's fixed Next Steps
    1. Do you still want to address the ATI issue? If yes, probably best to start a new thread
    2. What about the Logitech driver? Recommend at least look at the state of Logitech driver
      • If the Logitech driver device status is “Working”
        => Is possible Logitech will reinstall the media filter
        => But it's also possible the LVUSBSta filter may only be a problem when the filter exists before the Sound card is working (I don’t know)
        => Though in, worst case, you now know how to remove the filter again if need be!!
    3. Btw.. it was my old “DevQuery” script lead me to discover that Logitech filter in the first place.
      • It would be good if I could take another look at all your media devices (which will include your Logitech cam stuff). I attached a version I think is all debugged :) If you save the attached file as a .bat file and run it (will take up to 30 seconds or so), then attach the .txt file it leaves on your desktop

    Attached Files:

  25. TridentCrash

    TridentCrash TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 68

    As far as the ATI problems, gone. So basically as far as im concerned my comp is back to the way it was to begin with (lol its a dell, you cant expect perfection!) And as the script output from that batch file what kind of file is supposed to saved to my desktop? Cause the file have now is not compatible with techspot
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