"Some" devices failing to connect to wifi

By Phdintheory
Sep 25, 2016
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  1. Okay..., here's the deal. I've got CenturyLink home internet with high speed broadband. I utilize a ZyXel Pk5001z modem. And I run all my devices off of the wifi. The modem is current and up to date for drivers, as are all my devices. To the best of my knowledge there is nothing wrong with the modem itself.

    I have 2 devices. An LS 670 smartphone, and a Dell Latitude D630 Laptop that suddenly will not connect to our home wifi. The smartphone I'm not too worried about. The laptop however I need to get connected as it's my daughter's and she needs it for school.

    About a month ago she complained that her computer didn't connect to the internet anymore. It would detect the network connection, but when she tried to connect, it simply would not connect. At the time she was running Windows 10. However, to eliminate software causes I just laid a new copy of Windows 7 Enterprise on to it. Upon completion of the OS install, I noticed that the wifi still was not working properly.

    Device Manager says it's working properly, It's detecting the wifi signal from the modem as well as those of our neighbors. It simply will not connect. I have tried:
    Uninstalling/reinstalling the network adapter's drivers
    All homegroup/password/shared network/etc. settings,
    Taking the system apart to look for loose connections. (none found)
    Checked BIOS settings to verify wifi/bluetooth switch is set correctly. (They share a common switch)
    DOS command: ipconfig/iprelease (I get repeat messages stating that "Media disconnected."
    And I tried all of the suggestions I could find online.

    Please..., I need help!!!! :)

    Thank you.
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,128   +982

    Start with this from the failing device:
    get a command prompt and enter IPCONFIG /ALL
    copy/paste the response as your reply

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