Some Die (Some Come Up)

By mephisto_007
Apr 25, 2005
  1. Something i play around with tell me what you think

    Some die some come up
    Some die some come up

    [1st Verse]

    Naw everybody seems a little awkward coming up stepping backward
    Everybody started shouting act a bit of crazy in the front row
    Did I ever told you to hold my capacity ability to rap faster then a crow
    All you hoe seem don’t even know – now here your 2nd chance open up your ear
    Multiply by mother f**k never underestimate penetrate through your follicle
    My rhyme would explode with no condone conduct suck your mother f**k
    Best bet ain’t you hold no chrome
    Cause I’ma come with explosive and blow every mother f**k in the vicinity
    My fury flow velocity, how could you ever thought to plot and caught to fight me?
    I’m infinity, don’t judge me!!! Even no God could catch me
    Your femininity corrode every possibility in the whole rap capacity
    Don’t try to hold on me Force controlling me Wait to go and see! Let it go off me!
    I’ma send you mother f**k straight to a pet cemetery

    [Chorus x 1]

    [2nd verse] - Original Lyrics_Twista

    I feel Like, I feel Like Standing in the midst of a hundred
    thousand haters,
    Dynamite and C-4 strapped around the waist bloody tears
    In my eyes making sure any mother f**ka in tha vicinity
    Blow away and die,
    Kill'em off with an explosion
    Get up bitches,
    Kamikaze on you hoes I'm the sacrificial lamb,
    Feelin the fury flow out of every follicle in my body
    While you decompose Die with a blunt of dro in yo hand,
    I'm uppin the itchy fo f**kin wit Twista
    If you f**kin wit me come bet so cause it wont
    Be an issue-Got some nuts to come get me
    Then boy you gone get the picture put the flame in my
    Swisher Then hollows penetrate thru yo tissue
    F**k yo fit up wit yo blood as I hear the cries
    Of yo homies screamin revenge
    Got no mercy on them either go to war wit the
    Intentions to annialate everything you stand for
    Wit the death of myself cause I'm a believer
    The blessings of sacrifice the messenger who
    Cometh after the Christ next 1 to glisten after ice
    F**kin wit me is a bigger gamble then a pack of dice
    I'll murder you and come at you again in the after life
    My brother you cant bring harm wit guns I'm
    Armed wit bombs f**k all that **** you carry I got
    Yo obituary a muthaf**kin phenomenon-cause I'mma come
    Till they put all of us in a cemetery

    [Chorus x 2]
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