Some iPhones to refuse to ring due to New Year's DND bug


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A number of iPhone users may be questioning their popularity this year thanks to a New Year's-induced bug in iOS 6. As the year-o-meter rolled over into 2013, some iPhones simply refused -- and may yet still refuse -- to...

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Too many times did my iPhone fail to wake me in the morning. Or the alarm would go off with no sound. Glad I haven't been an iPhone user for several years now.


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Basically *every* iPhone bug is "high profile", to be fair.
The iPhone is something that's sold by ramming its "virtues" down peoples throats. A high profile, high pressure sales pitch that even falls a tiny bit of its exaggerated promise, should, and does, elicit a high profile backlash.

But to call the issue "fair", is a stretch of the definition. More like punishment being metered in the appropriate severity to suit the crime. (Which is arguably "fair", but none of the parties involved would ever admit to that).

"I love Apple and they treat me this way". "Just because we're number one, everybody's always gunning for us". If you see the conundrum.