A new Daylight Saving Time (DST) bug has hit iPhone and iPod touch users. There's an Apple Discussions thread about the issue, which has already garnered 69 replies at the time of writing. User ekcwmi started it yesterday with the following post:

I have a Verizon Wireless iPhone 4 and the time didn't change for daylight savings time today. It is set to do it automatically and I also tried to sync it to see if it would change but it didn't. Any advice?

I personally witnessed this problem with my friend's iPhone. He was complaining yesterday that when he woke up, his device showed that it was 10:00 AM. When he looked again, however, it was back to 9:00 AM. I saw him all afternoon and evening, and I distinctly remember that he was still annoyed about it at 4:00 PM.

Four months ago, many iPhone users did not wake up on time due to a different DST bug. In that case, even though the iOS clock changed correctly, the alarm did not. That issue followed a similar problem experienced by Australians.

Apple really needs to get on this problem as it is giving iOS a poor reputation. It's clear that not everyone is affected, but enough users are that it's big news every time it happens.