Sony hackers demand the studio not show the "terrorist film"

Shawn Knight

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The hackers responsible for crippling Sony's computer systems a couple of weeks ago have a new message for their ailing victim. In a notice posted to Github, the group that calls itself the Guardians of the Peace (GOP) demands Sony immediately...

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Where was all this crap when Team America came around? Apparently his late father can take a joke more than Kim-Jong Un.
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It doesn't matter if the movie is good/bad, likable or not. It's a "movie" and it's fictitious, it can do many things emotionally but that doesn't mean it would actually change anything in real life.


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I'll probably go see it. Pineapple Express was pretty good and those two made a great combination.

In fact, I'll definitely go see it just to stick it to the assclowns that do this sort of crap.


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This is movie publicity at it's finest! Before, I couldn't care less about the film. Now I'm genuinely curious about it and want to take a look. Thanks GOP for sparking interest in the film that others might have already ignored.


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This is movie publicity at it's finest!

I don't think a studio would intentionally leak 5 of their own movies just to create a little more buzz for 1 movie. If they are though, kudos to them for the commitment & follow through.