Sony has sold 13.4 million PlayStation 5 consoles to date

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In brief: Sony in its most recent quarterly earnings report said it sold 3.3 million PlayStation 5 consoles during the three-month period ending September 30, 2021. That’s up from 2.3 million units moved in the previous quarter and ties the 3.3 million units sold in the first quarter of 2021, pushing lifetime sales to 13.4 million units.

PlayStation 4 hardware sales continue to dwindle, but that’s no real surprise at this stage of the game. In the most recent quarter, Sony recorded just 200,000 PS4 sales – a figure that has been on the decline for over a year now.

Software sales, meanwhile, were strong with 76.4 million units sold in the trailing three months. That’s up from 63.6 million units sold last quarter and 61.4 million units before that. It's the sort of progression you'd expect to see given the time on the market and the emergence of new first- and third-party games.

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Sony back in August said its fiscal year target to sell at least 14.8 million PlayStation 5 consoles was unchanged from previous guidance, and that was again the message put forth during the latest earnings call.

Game consoles are again expected to be a hot commodity heading into this year’s holiday buying season, but shortages and scalpers remain a thorn in the sides of manufacturers and shoppers alike. With no relief in sight, we’re likely destined for yet another chaotic couple of months.

A quick check of eBay (sorting by sold items) reveals an average seeing price of around $750 to $850 for Sony's PS5.

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So few? That's less than Romania's population. Looking at PS 4's sales, those were in the 10 million - 22 million in the first 8 months. They really produced a small quantity of 5s.


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13 million sold, ppl still wanting/needing a PS5 20 million. Why, cause out of that 13 miliion maybe 1or 2 mil went to a real person. That's why sales don't mean much when the world can't find the product or won't spend crazy amounts of $ on eBay. If you can't find it at stores or store websites (not eBay or resellers) then to me it can't be found. Paying absurd amounts for a product is just stupid n ridiculous.


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This is because gamers are multiplying. Now everyone and their mums play video games. When I was a kid it was just me and the other nerdy kids at school.


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It was as I thought - the biggest sale years are year 3 and 4 - when the sensible people come in.
Due to larger number of games , games can now be bought cheaply, more packaged deals .
However there is definitely more early adaptors now - though I do wonder how many would of brought if no supply problem . I could happily walk past boxes of them as I'm a 3rd or 4th year person. Oh look I can grab one - better get it now - or won't I be the great grandma etc (FOMO etc )
PS4 sales - think started to slow down after this
4.2 million in 2013
14.41 million in 2014
16.75 million in 2015
18.41 million in 2016
21.2 million in 2017


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Between PS5 and Xbox SX/SS consoles there are more than 20mil units sold and still not enough to satiate demand, but this number is a lot bigger than the GPUs sold to gamers in the same 1 year time, a lot bigger...

So actually more console players (despite scalpers) have new consoles, than gamers have new GPUs, because Ampere + RDNA2 do not amount to 20mil units together and also besides scalpers GPUs are bought by the pallets for mining too, so a much worse situation overall. Not to mention GPUs are much more expensive than consoles...

I'm so glad I got an RX 6700 XT a few months ago close to MSRP after waiting 8 months, if not I would have waited even now and probably one more year from now and that would not be acceptable for me...


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Pricing demographics out of the market is part of the great reset. The shell game going on currently won't be necessary in 2-3 more years and products will sell close to msrp again. The thing is, at that time, the msrp for an entry level gaming card will be around a grand minimum.


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I have one. Lucky enough to get it from Best Buy. Only took me a year of luck lol
Bought it from an online shop in the Czech Republic that did not allow preorders and had its own kind of payment system that wasnt friendly to scalpers. Waited like 3 days only before buying my own PS5. They usually restocked around 5-10 units a day.


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So few? That's less than Romania's population. Looking at PS 4's sales, those were in the 10 million - 22 million in the first 8 months. They really produced a small quantity of 5s.

Sure, small. And about those PS4 sales:

Sony has announced that the PS4 has sold 18.5 million units worldwide since its release just over a year ago.

There has also been a huge jump since Sony last told us of PS4 sales. Back in late October,a little less than a year on from the console's release in mid-November, Sony said it had shipped 13.5 million units.

But hey, if you have another source that backs up your ‚22 Million in 8 months‘ claim, kindly post it.

It's not console sales that matter. It's who the first sales are going to.

I read an interesting comment saying that the PS5 sold really well in China which hadn‘t been much of a console market before. If true, the consoles sold there aren‘t available to customers in other countries and depending on the number sold there this can be noticeable.


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No offence intended here. I don't have a console in this fight, but Statista?
I used them 4 years ago and the data I got was an accumulation of opinions. Not actual fact based sources. Cost me a lot of money.

We might as well go to Fox News for climate change information.