Sony PSN offline until next week, user accounts compromised

By Matthew ยท 97 replies
Apr 26, 2011
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  1. Wow. Never in my life have I seen a literal epidemic on a company's service like this before. Not only are the players and devs screwed because the gamers can't play online, but now our SECURITY INFO is available. Wow. **** you Sony. I will burn you to the ground. When this is all over and I have charges on my credit card from someone buying Toy Story Racing for psOne, you can suck my ****. GO **** yourselves Sony. Thank God for my PC.
  2. Hey stop whining you didn't have to use your credit card and you are playing for free. So bit your tongue and just be happy that they are trying to help you and prevent this from happening again. Is it really that bad to play solo mode a few more days?
  3. "Hey stop whining you didn't have to use your credit card and you are playing for free."

    Your parents might have paid for the games, but I'm pretty sure that in order to play them in multiplayer mode you need PSN up. Not so free.
  4. Where does it say anywhere that PSN is down until next week?
  5. Hmm ok, how can Sony make this up for all of us? Well obviously, add more security to insure this sh!t never happens again, and yes upgrade the PSN or something. You guys owe us big time so do something that impresses us all and the g@y xbox fanboys.(Mabye an 8th generation version of the PSN would be nice)
  6. You people are all ******..... you think that whoever did this will use all of our money and all of our PSN credits? There are millions of PSN accounts. Too much for one person.
  7. To all who think that they should switch to xbox360 or that sony will pay them for this or give them free rewards 1.happened to xbox when ps3 came out xbox live was down for 2 weeks....were not even at one yet so stop complaining til you have something to complain says in their terms and conditions they dont have to reimburse you for anything that happens if you clicked yes then you wont get anything
    SO it can happen to any system anytime....and in reality you really think the hacker has enough time to go through all your cc information you identity information when frankly theres what 77mil+ other ppl who also have accounts. The odds of your specific name, identity, and cc info being used is 1 out of 77000000 .0000000129870
    And Sony has even said we BELIEVE that they have you identity information, and that they DONT KNOW whether or not they have the cc information and that there is NO EVIDENCE pointing to whether or not they do...theyve had 5 days so far to figure this out you think that they dont know what they are doing? so we dont even know for sure whether they got ANYTHING
    And im happy that they are taking this time to fix and update anything and prevent this from happening again.
    So gamers think resonably about this and you will see that it isnt worth it to go buy an xbox or rant about it when the problem is being fixed and will be back up soon enough
  8. What sucks:
    They should have reported the incident to the users earlier.
    Their network is compromised.

    What's good:
    Even at the cost of earning money, they shut down PSN after finding a few users account been compromised and hired a company to do a security audit which also shows that they take it seriously not like some users suggest.

    There is no such thing as fully secure server. There's always a loop somewhere and Sony have done a good job that you haven't heard of another case like this happening to them before. If they were sloppy with no encryption like some people here suggested, then PSN might have been compromised more in the past but it didn't happen. For those people who said "What PSN got hacked!? I'm going to the XBOX," are you sure you're not on the XBOX already?

    "Wow. Never in my life have I seen a literal epidemic on a company's service like this before. Not only are the players and devs screwed because the gamers can't play online, but now our SECURITY INFO is available. Wow. **** you Sony. I will burn you to the ground. When this is all over and I have charges on my credit card from someone buying Toy Story Racing for psOne, you can suck my ****. GO **** yourselves Sony. Thank God for my PC."

    Sorry but you are just exaggerating. Don't stretch the facts and don't act like this type of case never happened before in the history of mankind. It's never about perfectly secure but about being as secure as you can and reducing such event from happening again while being practical. The only way to being 100% secure is to cut yourself from the internet but that is impractical. There will always be some sort of compromise. PSN was hacked. XBOX Live was hacked. Computers all over the world have been hacked before. Given time, anytype of security will be falter.
  9. I should have bought the Xbox 360 and play LIVe......... WE deserve at least a give for this long week without PSN. Is not our fault that psn got hackED. SONY SHOULD SECURE MORE PSN. SONY IS HELLA RICH TO SECURE ANYTHING.....IF PSN IS NOT BACK BY FRIDAY, I WILL CHANGE TO XBOX 360 AND BUY THEIR GAMES INSTEAD OF PS3.............
  10. The best part of this is reading comments from thirteen year old kids that can't play their games online. They make empty threats and just say fix the playstation network. lol, funny stuff.
  11. I have both the 360 and ps3. I work on the road alot,and usually bring my 360(my fav) since you know you listen to music while you game, party chat cross games,dont have to wait an hour when you buy new game to play. Anyway my boy has a ps3, so i decided to buy black ops for ps3 and take that on road. The first time in 3 years i brought the pos it lets me down! And i was stuck in hotel since thursday slowly going insane. Finally i gave up on sunday and bough another 360 and copy of black ops.been tearin it up! Walmart has 15 day return policy with receipt.
  12. ramonsterns

    ramonsterns TS Enthusiast Posts: 744   +12

    How cancerous of you.
  13. i just wanna play some black ops
  14. yRaz

    yRaz Nigerian Prince Posts: 2,325   +1,433

    This is why I'm happy that I'm a PC gamer. Paying to play online is just BS, so I hate Xbox right there. I Pay $80 a month for 35mbps download and I'm not going to pay another $15 just to play some games with retarded controls and mediocre graphics. I put PS3 in the same category as xBox only it's free to play online. I'm sure there is some reason for PSN being free, but I'd never use a sony product even if they gave me one so that's a moot point.

    My security questions are equations only I know how to solve and I use a different ones for every site. Not that they are that complex, I just keep a mental key of what each of the variables are and plug em' in. Try and figure out what {[2D(S*L)]^9P}/H is. Give you a hint, the answer is 29 digits long.
  15. jaydicee

    jaydicee TS Rookie

    True...there are around 75 million PSN accounts... and how many people actually belong to ANONYMOUS (that is if it was them that hacked psn....) So give each member a few thousand accounts to do with as they please and see where it goes from there... I am sad about this happening as my account my also have beeen hacked and my info leaked... But atleast sony pullled the plug to avoid further leakages, not like a certain other online game network... probably... Thumbs up for sony. And for those who like MP it's time to go back to old school 2 player split screen MP LoL. or just finish the single player modes of your games for the time being... VIVA PSN VIVA PS3 VIVA SONY
  16. spydercanopus

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    Financial ID Stolen? Have a credit report and shut up.
  17. what makes me upset the most about this is the games i bought that were download only ones, that I have to be logged into PSN to play, I cannot play, even though it's on my hard drive, and I paid for it.
    THAT @#*$ has to stop.
  18. Richy2k9

    Richy2k9 TS Enthusiast Posts: 515

    hello ...

    humm, that was a hard hit, from a SONY PS3 owner's point of view this is bad & wish they do find the real culprits & make them pay for damages & 'steal their candies' :p

    i can see always the same posts each time a big company gets into trouble, in the end it's US the consumers who suffer !!!

    I don't have my credit card on PSN, thank GOD & i don't use my credit card everywhere too ... it's a rule of thumb on the net, to those haters, someday you may also get into same trouble on other services & be sure i won't be there to mock you, this is serious.

    hackers aren't the good guys, they break havoc, corrupt out gameplay, spoil some lazy or cheap kiddo like people, you know what, i know what's coming soon & i can't wait to see it in place & to those who still think anonymity exits on the net, i pity you.

    sure hope SONY & any other corporates who are being attacked thus making us victims too, do find those responsible & may law prevail to shutdown those modern times terrorists, for this is what 'some' hackers are!

  19. In memory of the victims of Chernobyl on the 25th anniversary of the disaster, Sony will be presenting the story of what happened at Chernobyl through interpretive f***-up. Starring Sony as the Soviet politburo, PSN as the V. I. Lenin Nuclear Power Station, and -- for the audience participation part of this story -- the PSN users, playing the part of the citizens of Pripyat . . .
  20. I think Al-quida is the Hacker.... sponsered by the Lte Saddmae Hussein...
  21. Burty117

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    wow, Sony, I never thought you would have the service down this long, then again it is free so I guess we can let you off, on the other 3 of my friends have traded (or outright thrown away) all their PS3 stuff in and got brand new Xbox 360's!

    Glad i've always been a PC gamer with the odd Xbox 360 moment here and there, I do still have my PS2, its a shame Sony couldn't reproduce such a fine console second time round.
  22. @spydercanopus "Financial ID Stolen? Have a credit report and shut up."

    Seriously? Check in after puberty and you get a job and see what it means to have your identity stollen. I was summoned once to accept a subpoena at the district attorney's office at a court house as a victim/witness against my will because some ***** tried to apply for a credit card in my name. Not so fun. I wasn't asked, I was told I would testify against him in court. I hope you get the privilege of realizing it isn't just others who suffer from ID theft or that you just lose a few bucks.
  23. TekGun

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    Not sure which is worse, the fact some probably some 13 year old script kiddie has managed to hack the customer details from one of the largest corporations on the planet...or the said corporation waiting a week to tell anyone.
  24. PC nerd

    PC nerd TS Booster Posts: 317   +41

    Geohotz is a complete ****ing *****. These hackers have totally ****ed PSN. All I want to do is play games. THAT IS WHY I BOUGHT A ****ING GAME CONSOLE!!!
  25. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,147   +915

    Why are people blaming Geohotz and ANON?! ANON would definately take the credit if they actually did it and Geohotz isn't stupid enough to have done this straight after the Lawsuite. Seriously, stop blaming without even thinking.

    I bet this is the work of a more underground network of Hackers who feel Sony have done wrong and feel they need to be punished.

    I hate Sony so I don't really care but even so, This is a tad to far i feel for some hackers.

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