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Sony Thimb drive question

By bobbabe
Mar 23, 2007
  1. I was informed on this site about the possibility that I have a fake 2gig Sony thumb drive. How does one tell if that's so. Markings, construction,??My last post is as follows---
    Hello! I have a Sony 2gig usb flash drive . I use a Mac OS10.4.8. I recently tried to add a file to the drive which has only about 50 mb of data on it. It does not allow me to add anything. The message indicates there is not enough free space on the drive.
    I am able to read data and have saved all files. Not sure what to do next here. Reformat? what? any suggestions? thanks- bobbabe

    If there is a way to identify a bootleg or mislabeled drive, I'd like to know- Thanks in advance- bobbabe
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