Sony unveils Vaio E Series 14P notebook with Kinect-style gesture control


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Sony is expanding its Vaio E series of laptops with a new 14-inch model that, while not quite worthy of ultrabook status with its 5-pound weight and 0.88-inch thickness, offers…

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Sigh... I'd tell you why this new "gesture system" is the epitome of idiocy, but I think it speaks for itself.

I wonder, though. Do these companies not know people now read reviews and read "tech" articles before purchasing a device? Do they really think we are completely oblivious to these gimmicks?


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With all this incentive for touch pads this seems against the grain. Catering to the non typist (as does touch)? Lets all take a typing lesson.


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Jumping on the gesture system now seems like jumping on the titanic after the lifeboats had been launched