soulnet public UT server - for all you UT fanatics

By Justin
Aug 5, 2003
  1. Join the soulnet UT server!

    kode54 and myself play UT quite a bit, occasionally with some other soulnet/zsnesboard/other board members. Normally however we have a hard time getting a game together as seeing us all online at the same time is rare.

    So, we've decided that each day, if we are able to play, will get on at 8 PM PST to play.

    Consider this a cordial invitation.. UT has got to be the most stress relieving and overall fun FPS.

    server: / , should be up 24/7

    Our typical games include either a CTF or Assault match, occasionally a team deathmatch. We do not play LMS, Domination, or classic deathmatch all that often. (Although team deathmatch is more of that anyways as we don't typically have > 4 people)

    Rules and mods we play with:

    * Strangelove2, mapvote3, ctfDoTheRightThing
    * No relics, 100% team damage, 110% game speed.

    Anyways... come join us!! We will be on most nights at 8 PM Pacific time.

    Many of the maps we play you may not have, but you can download them all right here:

    You can also get them here:

    Although it's preferred you get them from stigmata primarily.

    Anyways, feel free to join anyone, the server is up 24/7 @ ( )
  2. JSR

    JSR Banned Posts: 592

    cooooo, soul

    i might just have to hone my ut skillz on :D
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