Boldly go: William Shatner is heading to Antarctica, and you can join him

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The final frontier: William Shatner quite literally has a lifetime of experiences under his belt. The 93-year-old Canadian actor is best known for his role as James T. Kirk in the Star Trek universe, but he is also an avid traveler. In 2021, he became the oldest person to reach space. Later this year, he'll tackle another bucket list destination – Antarctica – and you're invited to join him.

Shatner and fellow astronaut Scott Kelly are among the esteemed guests planning to set sail for Antarctica this December. The Space2Sea voyage will take place aboard the Seabourne Venture, which debuted in 2022 and was designed specifically for the icy waters of Antarctica.

In an invitation on Space2Sea's website, Shatner says guests will have the opportunity to meet him and his family as well as NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and fellow space travelers Audrey Powers and Chris Boshuizen. The ship accommodates just 260 guests, so you can expect a far more intimate experience than you'd receive on a mega ship.

The 10-day trip is scheduled to set sail on December 19. Guests will enjoy world-class amenities on the all-suite ship including a 24-member expedition team and complementary SpaceX Starlink Internet connectivity. The itinerary includes stops at several different locations (weather permitting), and guests will have access to two-person kayaks and a pair of submersible vehicles for underwater exploration.

The trip will play out over the holidays, and is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience.

Pricing starts at $35,500 for an entry-level suite, although they've already been spoken for (the top-tier Winter Garden Suite at $91,500 is also sold out). As of writing, the next most affordable room is the V2 suite at $37,500. It is expensive, no doubt, but far more affordable than booking a trip with Shatner to space.

The first ticket ever sold on Blue Origin's New Shepard spacecraft commanded $28 million at auction. Shatner, of course, paid nothing as he was invited by Jeff Bezos to fly for free.

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I hope when I’m 93 I’m still healthy enough to do things like this. Good on him to check stuff like this off the list.
If I were a political figure, I would want to promote healthy living on national level.
There is so much almost every person can do to achieve longer life, and much more importantly
active and healthy one.
But I am not someone who has such power, therefore I do not.
I was ready to place 2 reservations on the spot, but I guess its all sold out.
Can't even get on their website.

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I hope when I’m 93 I’m still healthy enough to do things like this. Good on him to check stuff like this off the list.
Same here, I am in my late 70's and it is a struggle to go to the grocery store!😱😱 I help an 89 year old man by bringing him to the store and when he gets going on his Rolator walker is is hard for me to keep up! 😁