Sound card driver Help!!

By NuK134R
Jul 11, 2005
  1. hello!
    I have a sis 7012 audio card. I just recently reformated my hard-drive.I'm looking for drivers for some of me hardware found all of them.Accept sis 7012 audio card doesn't work I've tried multiple drivers.It also makes this annoying beeping noise.Thanks in advance.
  2. Vigilante

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    You have an audio "card", like a PCI sound card? Or is is Sis 7012 onboard?

    If it's onboard you should find it easy at your motherboard manufacturer's web site. Such as if it's ASUS or MSI you can find the driver in the downloads and support area.

    If it's a PCI card it may be a bit tougher I guess, try to find a driver at SIS web site?

    good luck
  3. NuK134R

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    I think it's pci because that is what is everest and aida32 say,But again I took was lookin around in my computer didn't find a sound card.I migh of missed it.I'm not much of a computer person.
  4. Vigilante

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    If it's PCI it is easy to tell because the "card" that has your audio jacks on it, will be plugged into one of the white connectors on the motherboard. Also, on the back of your case, the audio jacks will be on a horizonal, metal bar half way down your case or more.

    The onboard sound is easy to tell because the jacks are usually vertical, sometimes horizonal, but much higher up on the back of the case. Next to the parallel port, serial port, keyboard/mouse etc...

    Again, if you find it to be onboard sound card, look up your motherboard. Your everest and/or aida32 should tell you what your motherboard model is. Then try to find the drive by the manufacturer's web site.

    If it is really a PCI card, you may have to pull it out and look on the card itself for model numbers or chip numbers. Although you know it is 7012, it may help to find.
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